Fishing on Lake Erie is ‘still pretty good’

Apr 16, 2014


You should have interviewed more captains before you ran this article. (Charter boat captain: Lake Erie in poor condition, Reader Forum, April 15). (Lake Erie) is not as good as it once was but it is still pretty good.

There are many limit catches in U.S. waters and these kind of stories do not help the fishing or tourist industry in our area.

— Captain Ed Smialowski



I would agree with the response of Captain Ed. Fishing it's not like it was when I grew up but neither is the lake. It has changed. We as charter captains, tournament anglers or recreational fishermen must do the same. There are different ways of fishing now. Even with trolling you must be able to change by the hour to adapt to the mood of the fish. This has cost the captains who want to take six guys out throw bubble gum on a hook at them, get their fish in an hour and come back in, their jobs. It's all in how much learning, time and effort you want to put in to it. The good ones have survived.
Last year was some of the best catch rates per hour of fishing I have had in many years. The 03 class of spawn is the banner class right now with a possible record to be had here the next few years.
Yes it has some issues that need addressed and another good 03 type hatch but it is still the envy of many of fishermen for walleye. Just drive over to wild wings the next few weeks and look how many out of staters are loving our fishery.

The Big Dog's back

So you would agree that the time to do something is now, not after the fact?


Going back to the other article, the use of lawn chemicals wasn't as prevalent as it is today. Thousands of lawns mean many acres of grass treated several times per year.

Everybody points fingers ar farming or industry, but how many of you have a lawn service apply chemicals?