Christmas comes early for Ohio beer lovers

Jason Werling
Oct 3, 2011


Have you seen the billboards? Have you seen the signs in the windows of local establishments? Yuengling, that legendary beer of the east, is making its way west.

Apparently the brewers of America's oldest beer maker didn't think their facilities could handle the alcohol intake of Ohio so they had to expand operations and now they feel they are ready. I, and several people I know have been legally smuggling the beer over state lines for years, a six pack here, a case there, maybe a 1/4 keg if we were really ambitious. Not quite the Smokey & the Bandit bootlegging from the late 70's.

HERE is the petition website to bring the beer to Ohio and you can read a story from the Wall Street Journal about the beer's expansion to Ohio by clicking HERE.

I am a brewery hopper when on vacation and like to try different beers while eating at local restaurants. Yuengling, not to be confused with Werling, is a good beer, although I would recommend the original lager over the light. And try the Black & Tan. I'm not replacing my favorite family of beers, Great Lakes Brewing Company, but Yuengling is a nice addition to the local choices.

This week you won't have to hop on the turnpike and drive a couple hours to get a taste of the lager, it is here and Ohio should welcome this Pottsville, Pennsylvania product with open arms. Just be sure to leave the Steelers and everything else in PA. (Oh, and keep the Hershey's coming as well.)


Raoul Duke

Yeah, let me get...a six pack of Black and Tan, and some Black and Milds...


Unlike Coors, and the hype that went with it before it came east of the Mississippi, this really is good beer. 




 They may as well just sell nothing but Mad Dog & St. Ides in this area.


HMMMMM, I wonder just how many drunks are going to be swishing ing this and how many people will be killed or badly injured because some moron decided to swig down "Yuengling, that legendary beer of the east, is making its way west."

I don't know maybe we should all become drunks and non responsible for our actions....would make a lot of drunks very very happy.



The only reason this beer is popular is that it tastes slightly better than a Miller Lite but is just as inexpensive.  This has nothing on craft beers or any other beer with flavor.  This is completely overrated.


Great Lakes Christmas Ale is the BEST!


Oh good god people, Beer wars ...........Really? Are we so shallow we cannot even have a new product enter the area without people whining about people who drink? Jeez, I personally like this beer it is much cheaper than making your own black and tans and better tasting than the swill they normally sell around here.