Road Trip: U.S. 250

Jason Werling
Apr 4, 2012


Have you ever driven on U.S. 250?

My guess is if you are reading this you probably have and have your own thoughts, positive or negative, about the stretch of road. It is the lifeline to get tourists in and out of the area whether they are going to Cedar Point, Kalahari, Great Wolf Lodge or just coming into the area to do some shopping. And as much as we, as locals, tighten our grip on the steering wheel and say "nice" things while we are driving with our friends from out of town, we use 250 to reap the benefits of having the shopping, restaurants and attractions most people have to drive many miles to get here.

250, or Milan Road, or Sycamore Line, or Benedict Avenue or whatever you call it, is a pretty long road; somewhere in the range of 500+ miles. It starts and ends in Sandusky and Richmond, VA, depending on which way you are driving.

Starting Sunday I will be driving from the start of U.S. 250 in Sandusky and driving until it ends in Richmond, VA.

With me on the trip will be my two boys Payton, 4, and Will, 5. I know, what the heck am I thinking taking two young boys on what will be 11+ hours in a car over a two-day period. I plan on having them help me with the project by keeping count of anything from cows to street signs during the journey.

I will be live blogging the two-day drive with Cover It Live via my blog on We will also be running a story as a Sunday Showcase in the coming weeks.

So join me Sunday and Monday via this blog as I take a road trip on U.S. 250.

Road Trip: U.S. 250


Sunday night update- Thank you all for the kind words during the first leg of the drive. The boys and I have had a lot of fun and are looking forward to Monday's trek through the Allegheny Mountains. I ran into some cell phone service issues between Wheeling and Fairmont on Sunday, so bear with me if there are some delays in postings on Monday. (Not to mention the crazy curvy roads we will be winding around for a majority of the journey.) We should be heading out of Elkins around 9:30 a.m.

Monday night update- Well, we made it. And although there wasn't a spectacular ending to U.S. 250, just an intersection and a McDonalds, I hope you all enjoyed the trip. Once I am back in working mode I will post more photos and video to go along with the story that will run as a Sunday Showcase in a couple weeks. I borrowed a camera from a friend that was mounted on my windshield and took a photo every 5 seconds for a majority of the trip. It was pointed at the road, not at the driver.

The feedback for this has been really great and I hope we can bring you more coverage like this in the future. Now on with our vacation.



Looking forward to your posts, Jason.

Eph 2 8-10

Sounds and looks like a cool trip.



So glad you are doing this as this was planned for our Motorcycle trip in July!  I look forward to the pics, and info on roads, detours and closures.   I really look forward to the article!

Sue Meredith

Safe journey Jason and boys

Taxed Enough Already

 I never really knew where the end of 250 was, Richmond Virginia... Interesting


I've made the trip from Sandusky to Richmond on 250. One of the more interesting parts was through the Smokey Mountains.


I am looking forward to this series as well.  About this time, 150 years ago; Union and Confederate troops were squaring off at several locations along what is now US 250 in Western Virgina (it wasn't "West Virgina" until 1863) including Pruntytown, Grafton and Phillipi (the first good-sized battle of the Civil War). 

Back in 1998, I drove from Durbin, WV to Staunton, VA on US 250; a very challenging mountain road.  In 2003, I pulled off I-64 where US 250 intersected it near Waynesboro, VA.  In conversation with the owner of the gas station; I told him that US 250 went to Sandusky, which he did not know.  US 250 crosses two mountain ranges, the Alleghany (spelled with an A in WV & VA) Ridge along the West Virginia/Virgina border and the Blue Ridge; the Blue Ridge Parkway intersects US 250 at Afton, VA.

They really should do something about that SANDUSKY topiary.  It has been allowed to grow too big to properly trim out the letters.  When I was growing up; the letters were always so crisp and uniform.  Now, it looks like one big shrub that they tried to cut out letters on, without much success.  I would start to pull out one letter at a time, replace it with new plants so the letters have some separation again.

Captain Gutz

Very smart of you to wait for the bridge over Rattlesnake Creek to re-open. Should cut your drive time in half.


When you get to Hundred W.V. be sure to send a pic and watch those sharp curves.

Truth or Dare

Hey Jason, glad to hear you and the boys are taking a roadtrip! Roadtrips are great fun, and one of the best ways to see our own country's beauty.  God speed.!  You'll be giving the boys some of their best childhood memories w/Dad, ever!  Priceless!    Looking forward to your award winning photos, as 250 will take you through some absolutely gorgeous scenery!  So in answer to your question, been there, done that, from north to south, and back north again.  


Have a safe and enjoyable trip with Will and Payton.  Enjoying the photos already.  Can't wait to see more!


Jason Singer

This is an awesome idea. Great photos, great dad, great kids and great journalism.

Enjoy the trip,



Great trip! Growing up, we made our trips "home" to West Virginia 3 or 4 times a year down Rt.250. I remember how excited my folks were when 79 opened up and our 8 1/2 hour drive turned into a 5 1/2 hour trip with regular gas and restroom stops! A major consideration with a car full of kids! LOL! Much more convenient, but nowhere near as beautiful and enjoyable as the drive down 250. Every few years, we toss a cooler with drinks and sandwiches in the car and head home the "old" way, taking our time to enjoy the journey! Enjoy! Enjoy! I wish we were with you!

Kottage Kat

Have never made this trip, al the positive comments make me want to do so.

This is a memory maker for the boys. Journal the trip so they can remember in your words and and theirs.

Safe journey to all.



Be sure to go through Philippi instead of alt. 250 around it. The boys should love the covered bridge!


@sash, very good suggestion! The town is the site of the first land battle of the civil war. And that bridge you mentioned was actually used as housing for union troops.


Love Philippi! My aunt and uncle live just outside of town. They're very proud of their history. I'd skip the mummies though- a bit disturbing even for an adult!

Sue Meredith

Great pics Jason. Looks like th boys (all 3 of them) are having a great time.


Jason is this a work trip?  Sounds like a lot of fun to me.  Enjoy!

Kottage Kat


Great picture once I figured it out.  Have a good time, looking for more.    


Captain Gutz

Every county should have a coal museum, and it should always be on the lower level.

Nice hat!


 Did anyone notice that the signs for 250 in WV run north sand south and not east and west as in OH?


Jason, where are you staying in Elkin?  Are there many local motels?  Are they clean? 

Looks  like an amazing trip so far, love the covered bridges!

Be safe and hope the boys enjoy their trip!

Thanks for this article.

Jason Werling

Alright, boys are finally asleep and just came on the site to update my blog, but it looks like there are some questions, so here goes....

rmb409- I will do my best to get a photo in Hundred, and today was a good prelim in sharp-turn driving. Monday will be the real test.

sash- The bridge in Phillippi was a must see when I started planning the trip. We drove over it, then back, then over again.

tk- The way out here is a work trip, I was heading to VA and thought it would be fun to take U.S. 250 the whole way, and bringing you all along for the ride made sense because everyone in the Sandusky/Norwalk area knows our part of 250.

Please post more questions and I will try to answer them after tomorrow's leg of the trip.


Andy Prutsok

 Thanks Jason. Nice work. I was born in Phlippi and was once managing editor of the Times-West Virginian in Fairmont.

Nice to see the old covered bridge (site of the first land battle of the Civil War, which I think you neglected to note). It burned down about 20 years ago, I think, and was replaced. It still had lots of the original beams in it before the fire.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


On your return trip through the Monongahela National Forrest, take the boys up to Spruce Knob. Well worth the small side trip. Highest point in the state and highest mountain of the Alleghenies. Indescribable view and the boys would probably get a kick out of the "one-sided" trees. Last time we were there, a bobcat calmly followed our car halfway up. Amazing place!!

Andy Prutsok

 Don't want to miss nearby Seneca Rock, either. Can walk to the top in half-an-hour or so. It's right on 33.



If the boys like trains, you should hit the Cass Scenic Railroad. It's an old lumber town/operation. You can ride the old steam-powered train up the mountain. Very cool ride, with both open and closed cars, amazing scenery and the history is really interesting((for adults)! But the train... enough to turn everyone into a 5 year old boy:)


Beautiful trip.  Nice memories.


Jason I must say,Im really enjoying this. Takes me back when my parents took us kids on road trips. We couldnt wait to see where we were going next. This story is deserving of an award of some kind. Thanks for takin me down memory lane!


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Jason,  Why don't they give you a duel role at the Register. One as Managing Editor, and the other as Chief Photographer. You could handle both, and would return alot of respect to the SR.


This is just great Jason.  Now enjoy the vacation side of your trip, but I'm afraid that if you take all of the side trips that have been suggested, we will never get you back in Sandusky. lol.  Have a memorable time with your boys and stay safe. 


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ed hardydiscount

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