WindSeeker worth the wait

Jason Werling
Jun 15, 2011


Cedar Point found a perfect ride for the perfect spot on the Sandusky peninsula. It may have taken a little bit longer than we all had hoped of getting to ride WindSeeker, but it is up and running and boy does it go up.
After photographer Angie Wilhelm and I covered the grand opening of the ride Tuesday night we had the opportunity to get the first "media preview" of WindSeeker. I couldn't have scheduled a more picturesque time to go 301 feet above Lake Erie and Cedar Point's beach and all the little "ants" walking the Midway.
WindSeeker is a combination of the Wave Swinger in the park's Frontiertown and the Space Spiral just a Wicked Twister and Giant Wheel away up the shore.
Going up is probably the scariest part of the ride because once you get up there you just take in the view. And in our case we had a sunset to look at behind Top Thrill Dragster (which doesn't look so big from our view) and a just-about full moon rising from the Chaussee.
The ride is very smooth and a lot of fun, to maximize your experience try to time your ride for dusk. I know it's hard to choose where to end your evening in the park, but make WindSeeker a priority.



I rode this yesterday.  It was just ok.  The view is cool but the ride itself is actually just like riding the swings in the back of the park.  The seats are uncomfortable and the line is slow!  I had plenty of time to do some simple math, while I was in line, to figure out that there are only about 600 people riding WindSeeker every hour.  That is why the line is so slow.  Not worth waiting for twice, in my eyes.


the funny thing is that back in May, "Dozer" insisted that Kings Island was going to open their Windseeker on a weekend back in May, she kept basically calling me stupid, and claimed that she checked their website and called Kings Island to confirm.  Funny enough, Cedar Points is now open, and Kings Island still is not open, so I guess Dozer was wrong!

That asside, I will give Windseeker a try, but want to wait until it has been broken in for a month or so

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