BLOG: What has Orlando Pace been up to?

Jason Werling
Sep 9, 2010


If you have been wondering, as have I, what Sandusky's native son, Ohio State All-American and former NFL All Pro left tackle Orlando Pace has been up to, check out this video.



Or if you're having trouble viewing the video, go to or for the 10-part documentary series called the "Science of NFL Football."



Are you kidding me? Who cares what he has been up to. He brought a bar to Sandusky where there is fighting and shooting at constantly. He dosen't even visit Big O's when he comes to town!!!

only speaking t...

You must not go to big o's cause "When" he do come to town he does step in. Also he has that park in the sunnyside for the kids.....I say this can/could he do more for sandusky to help the younger kids be more active in sports and school. YES...but it takes more than one person......