My cousin's name is Earl.

Jason Werling
Mar 23, 2010


No really, she married a guy with the last name Earl. The NBC show is one of the shows that grace our DVR every Thursday night.

If you’re a fan of the show then you know that this week’s episode had a brief local flavor to it. Joy, played by Jaime Pressly, is put in a witness protection program with her family and her new identity is a woman from Columbus, OH.

While preparing for her new identity she says “I was raised in Columbus, but I was born in Sandusky.”

There’s even a trivia question about Louis Spronze at the end of the episode. Not sure who that is? He's #26 on this list.

I’d like to think that our comments section can work in a positive way, so if you know of some other Hollywood references to our little town of Sandusky please post them below.

How about the Sandusky Municipal Airport in Tommy Boy? That was pretty much the same as the real thing, wasn’t it?



Marilyn Monroe's character in Some Like It Hot was from Sandusky. woo hoo!


Metalacolypse (a late night cartoon for those who wouldn't know) has an episode where two fans of the band from the show were asked where they were from.

They answered Sandusky Ohio, and in response we're asked, Isn't their an amusemnt park there?

also sandusky gets mentioned a bit in various songs by artist from psychopathic records