Dome to be built over Cedar Point for year-round fun.

Jason Werling
Apr 1, 2009


You won't see this in the Register for a while because it hasn't become official yet, but I have heard there are plans in the works to build a dome over the Cedar Point Peninsula. This will enable the famous Sandusky amusement park to stay open year round like other parks in Florida and southern California.

The project is expected to be finished one year from today, April 1, 2010 and an unnamed source said the public would be "foolish" not to support such a project.

Check back in a year for an update.

Artist rendering/WASON JERLING The proposed dome over Cedar Point should be ready by April 1, 2010 keeping the amusement park open year round.



Ha Ha Ha April fools.....

Seriously though, what ever happened to the proposed indoor golf course that was talked about a few years ago on the airport property. Remember back when Griffing laid a bunch of people off because he said he was going to have to sell the airport because it was not making any money and he was going so far in debt.


Its is not a joke, I talked to kinzel he said it is true