I'm looking for a purse, maybe you can help me.

Jason Werling
Sep 24, 2012


The county fair wasn't a big deal to me when I was growing up in Toledo. The Lucas County Fairgrounds was where the Mud Hens played and that was my only experience going to the fairgrounds as a kid.

During my time here at the Register I have more than made up for my lack of attendance to the Lucas County Fair with my multiple visits to the Erie, Ottawa, Huron and Sandusky County Fairgrounds. I have run into plenty of people who take great pride in the 6 days of the year when their fair is in full swing. This year at the Erie County Fair while I was taking photos of the various contest and judging winners, I took a photo of a young lady who had won the accessories category with a purse she created. She and her mother were visibly upset and proceeded to tell me why.

Beth Comparette placed in several categories at the fair and put her winning ribbons in the award-winning denim purse. The purse was stolen. It was denim on the outside and pink on the inside with a scarf for a belt and a belt for the handle. The fair board replaced Beth's ribbons, but her one-time purse project was not replaceable. I told her mother I would see what we could do for her here at the Register, but it never made the paper. Hopefully someone out there may still have the purse and didn't realize the hard work Beth and her mother put in to creating it.

If someone has information on where the purse may have been lifted off to, they can contact me at werling@sanduskyregister.com



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i would check the dump....i am sure no one kept it


How sad! Our kids were in 4H, and I know how much effort and time it involves in raising/making something for fair week. Whomever stole it must have loved it! So in a way it is a complement. But it should be returned to the fairgrounds office, b/c that way she will have her memories of her accomplishment!
@baby momma.... You obviously have not accomplished anything in your life that has taken thought and effort! Just keep laying on your back and collect your $$..


Doesn't matter whether YOU like the purse or not. The point is that BETH liked the purse. She also put a lot of thought and effort into creating something she liked. In a way, the thief stole more than the purse when you consider the time and love Beth put into it! Shame on the low life for stealing it in the first place no matter WHAT s/he did with it after the fact.