REV3 Triathlon the perfect fit for a Sunday morning in Sandusky

Jason Werling
Sep 12, 2012


What were you doing Sunday morning? Were you just getting out of bed, getting ready for church, finding some cartoons for the kids to watch? Or were you running up Cedar Point beach after swimming 2.4 miles, peeling off a wetsuit and getting ready to bike 112 miles and then run 26.2 miles?

Cedar Point, Sandusky and a big portion of Erie County played host to hundreds of athletes, both professional and amateur, looking to race via swim, run or pedal. I decided to paddle because when you volunteer for the REV3 they give you a free shirt.

Are you local and participated in the REV3? Send a photo or two with your information to

More photos from the morning swimming can be seen by clicking HERE

The REV3 utilizes many local volunteers to make sure the races run smooth and the participants stay safe. Volunteers do anything from checking in bikes to handing water to racers to keeping the race lanes clear.

The race also utilizes kayaking volunteers to patrol the course just off Cedar Point beach to assist any swimmers in distress and to keep “wandering” swimmers on course during their 1.2 or 2.4 mile swim. About 10 kayakers, myself included, and several race boats and fire boats from the Sandusky and Huron departments were in the water at 6:30 a.m. in time for the start of the swim. And we were in the water in time for a pretty amazing sunrise as well. (See above)

The morning was pretty quiet until one swimmer’s legs started cramping and was assisted by a kayaker. Let’s just say both ended up in the water, but both were ok. I made conversation with another swimmer from Michigan who used the bow of my boat to rest. After about three hours in the water my shift was done and I eventually made my way to downtown Sandusky to catch some of running portion of the triathlon. I was amazed and proud of how many people lined the streets in support of the runners and all of the volunteers assisting in the race.

There were several bell-ringers along the course, including Penny Pooch at the corner of Sycamore Line and First Street, cheering on the racers. They raced until after dusk and I hope the event will be back next year with even more swimmers, runners and bicyclists.



Have the race results been published?   Who won the different age groups?  Any locals do well?

Jason Werling

reader- the results can be found here...

We'll have some locals and how they did in Sunday's paper.


 While I thought it was great that you did a story about the Canadian participant in the REV3, I know a few locals, actually more than a handful, that participated in the race and a few of them (locals) did quit well.  Randy Lehrer from Huron even won his age group!  Tom Dusza, a local attorney completed his first full Ironman.  It certainly seems appropriate to give the locals a shout out,  if you are going to do a results story.  


 Posting a link to the REV3 results it pretty lazy.  Instead of the story about the Canadian, that no one really cares about, you should have looked up the results and published them in the paper.  Two age group winners (WINNERS) were local!