LAST DAY to vote for your favorites in the finals of the Fourth of July Photo Contest

Jason Werling
Jul 4, 2012


Voting ends at Midnight.

The Sandusky Register's annual Fourth of July Photo Contest is in its final stage and is available for voting in each category.

There were ties for the top ten in some categories and they will have more entries.

To view and vote in the finals of the Nature Category, click HERE

To view and vote in the finals of the National Pride category, click HERE

To view and vote in the finals of the People category, click HERE

To view and vote in the finals of the Places category, click HERE

To view and vote in the finals of the Sandusky-area Parks category, click HERE

Please look through each photo and give a star rating to each photo you like.

 You must register for a account to give a rating to each picture. The top photo in each category with the most stars during the finals will be published in the July 8 edition of the Sandusky Register. 



The blurry picture of the boy with the boot with a date on it has 3 times the votes of any other in the category. This isn't a photo contest, its a contest to see how many of your friends you can get to vote for your picture.  I guess that's what you get when you let the public vote on anything.  There should be one peoples choice pic and have the staff at the Register vote on the winners.


Good 2 B Me

You should shuffle the pictures some so that the first ones are moved lower and vice versa.

I bet that people are more inclined to vote on the first few. Just guessing.



go away photos tired of seeing



I'm lost. What do these pics have to do with the 4th of July?





When is the last day to vote for the top ten?



 The sleeping smiling baby is just so darn cute.

Good 2 B Me

Jason, could you be specific as to exactly when the voting ends? You say the 4th, but then you say the winners will be posted on the 4th. Is there a specific deadline?

Jason Werling

Good 2 B Me, the voting ends at midnight tonight. Technically that would be July 4.

Good 2 B Me

Thank  you! 


 JonesN, I totally agree with you.  Some of these photos are terrible but they have a ton of votes.  Some of these photos, there's no skill or little meaning to them.  I won't target any particular photo but some of these shots aren't that great.  Recommendations for the future - the public shouldn't vote, register staff should (who aren't biased), the vote count should be hidden.  This was a popularity contest, not a photo contest.