Road Trip: Ohio 4

Jason Werling
Jun 22, 2012


We are going to drive Ohio 4 until it ends

The Werling boys, myself included, are almost ready to set out on this year’s road adventure. Tomorrow at 9 a.m. we will be taking off and following the number 4 for a couple days. What starts off as Columbus and Hayes Avenues in Sandusky will be our road of choice for two days until it ends in Cincinnati somewhere.
Follow our journey here. It will be on the site at

I have attached a checklist below the boys will be using on our way down.

This year’s trip will be sponsored by two local businesses, Victory Honda will be providing a 2012 vehicle for our journey and Steinemann Hafner Insurance is the sponsor of this blog. I would like to thank them in advance for their interest and support of the trip.

Make sure you check out their websites at and

See you at 9 a.m. on Wednesday!

Road Trip: Ohio 4



Be sure to stop at Jungle Jim's Intl Market in Farifield, OH!  Awesome place!  Beware the meat department though, the meat some people eat is kinda scary.


No fair taking shortcuts. Stay on 4, going thru all the small towns. Have a great time and lots of sightseeing.

Jason Werling

No shortcuts here, staying on 4 the whole way.


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Close to Rt. 4 near Dayton is the

National Museum of the U S Air Force,

Wright Bros. Memorial,

Huffman prairie, and the

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park. 

All worth seeing, where aviation began!


Jason, technically, SR 4 begins at Columbus Ave. and Washington St (US 6)!  Have a safe trip!

Jason Werling

john65, already checked it out and that is where we are starting tomorrow. Thanks for looking out for us.


A few years back as we were going thru Cincinnati, I was amazed to see a SR4 sign by where Riverfront stadium used to be. ( It was a while ago!)


"No shortcuts here, staying on 4 the whole way."  jason, be prepared for any detours. "SR-4, from State Route 269 (Seneca County line) to US Route 20, is closed for pavement repairs and replacement. The detour route for southbound motorists is SR-4 to US 20, west on US 20 to SR-269, south on SR-269 to SR-4, and reverse for northbound motorists. The road is expected to reopen on June 21, 2012."  that is for district 3. i am not sure about the other districts. maybe you can call odot for more information. take lots of pictures and videos of your trip. i am looking forward to your trip photos and videos. i hope you do these trips in the future. watch for the the crazy drivers out there.

FruGalSpender   other than that section in huron county, it appears that the rest of your route is open.


 That should be an interesting trip for you, questionable for the boys.  It's a bit of a challenge in a few towns to find the original road, like in Marysville.  I made the same trip years back starting at the south end.  

Man of the Republic

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Jane Goodall

is there room in your car for the Huron school board and the administration ?  Would you drop them off in  the Ohio River.


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Just so you know.  Just south of Rte 20/18, Rte 4 was closed on Monday when we tried to go that way.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.  The detour had you turn right.  We didn't follow it as we were heading to Columbus.  So we went left and let the GPS recalculate.


About now, you should be approaching Broken Sword Cemetery in Crawford County, thats worth a stop.

Also in Bucyrus, the two murals are amazing. Be sure to get a local for the history and story behind each, or go online to research each one. Eric Grohe is the artist. Each person in the mural represents a resident in the county, they are full of interesting detail.

There is also another Eric Grohe mural in Marion, after you go over the bridge and stop at the light downtown, it will be at your left. This too, has a great story behind it and features a local teacher sitting atop a globe.

I would encourage you to stop at the Crazy Fox, too, in Bucyrus. It is a tavern, with great cheap barfood, but rich in history. One of Al Capones frequent hangouts. The owner is usually there to share the history, during the day, it is harmless, to take the boys in.



Wish we had a Longhorn Steakhouse...think there is some down there


I'll second that, my husband and I were hoping a Longhorn Steakhouse would go into the old Damon's Restaurant. 


Enjoying the documentary! Cute boys, Jason!


Can't wait to read about your adventure, lots of pictures please!


Eph 2 8-10

Don't end your journey at night. Bond Hill is not the best of neighborhoods.




Stop by the President Harding Memorial in Marion.  Throw a little history at your boys.


Great trip so far!  Could you tell us more about the stone house in Chatfield when you get a chance?  I've always loved looking at that house!

Jason Werling

TheScientist, I will have more on the stone house in Fairfield soon. We took a walk through it thanks to the owner and I have more photos as well. Thanks for watching.

The New World Czar

I second the motion on Jungle Jim's in Fairfield. Allow at least a couple hours to go through, especially if it's still hot out and you need an indoor diversion. Part supercenter, part amusementland.

Sarah Weber

Hey Jason —  just got this notice from ODOT!

"State Route 4, from State Route 269 (Seneca County line) to US Route 20, is now open. The road had been closed for pavement repairs and replacement."

Jason Werling

Thanks, but we passed that one two days ago, it closed for 14 days starting on June 4. We took a chance and drove it on the 20th. No problemmo. The only detour we had to take was in Dayton.


There needs to be a Skyline in Sandusky! 

Sue Meredith


I SO wholly agree. Every time I go to Skyline, I tell them just that LOL. Closest one now is in Mansfield.


My husband actually can't stand the taste of cincinnati style chilli.  But I love it.  Thankfully, Skyline has amazing salads and burritos as well, so he still gets good food when we eat there.


I used to live in Middletown, and the pic of Smith Park brought back some fond memories. Years ago, it was "pay lake" and was well stocked with fish. I have spent many an hour and many worms were sacrificed at this lake. It still has huge catfish in it and last I knew, the city kept it stocked with crappie, blue gill and bass. It's a great place to take small kids to fish if you ever get back down there! Thanks for the pic!