Vote for your favorites in the 2012 Fourth of July Photo Contest (UPDATED)

Jason Werling
Jun 22, 2012


 The Sandusky Register's annual Fourth of July Photo Contest has begun and is available online for the first time. The Nature gallery has been posted after a delay.

To view and vote in the Nature Category, click HERE

To view and vote in the National Pride category, click HERE

To view and vote in the People category, click HERE

To view and vote in the Places category, click HERE

To view and vote in the Sandusky-area Parks category, click HERE

Please look through each photo and give a star rating to each photo you like.

 You must register for a account to give a rating to each picture. The 10 photos in each category with the most stars during the first round of voting will continue to the final round.  



 What happened to the "Nature" catergory that you had and I sent in pictures for??


When I click to view the People Category, the National Pride pictures come up again. I am confused.


The article says that the nature category is not up yet, due to the large volume of pictures. They will be up shortly.

Jason Werling

 Sorry folks, the nature gallery will be up Monday morning. We had some breaking news this evening that kept me from getting the gallery posted.

Erin, thanks and I fixed the link.

Sue Meredith

All great pics. Good luck to everyone.


I agree Steelerfan7272.  Where's the nature catagory?

Good 2 B Me

Making everyone register to vote is junk. Friends and family from outside the "Sand Paper" area should not have to register to use vote. Another terrible decision by the Sand Paper.


Right. Let's let everyone vote without registering so they can stuff the e-ballot boxes and render the contest meaningless. That would be MUCH better.



Good 2 B Me

Why do you always have to argue with everything?

I can think of other ways to deal with it, such as Captcha.



You should put the artists name and title of the photo. ie, for places i have a photo of a goat, if doesnt make sense without the title african safari.


I've been searching the site, is nature not up yet?



 Ok thanks for the update Jason

Erie Countian

Perhaps you could rotate the order in which the photos are posted at least once so those, like me, whose photos are almost the last ones posted in my category, could have more people see them? I have a feeling people will not take the time to look at the entire gallery and never even get a look at the photos way down in the order.

Jason Werling

Erie Countian- I plan on rotating the photos after it has been suggested to me several times.

Good 2 B Me- Having people register to vote was the most fair way to handle the voting process, otherwise someone might be able to automate or spam to get more votes.

Erogalinski07- We have intentionally left the artists' names from the entries as is done for most photo contests I have been associated with. There wasn't a way to list the title for each photo, something we will look into for future contests.

Sorry all for the delay in the Nature category, we have some pretty good entries in there. If there are any questions/concerns, please email me at