Three days left for Fourth of July Photo Contest submissions

Jason Werling
Jun 1, 2012


Just a reminder, we will be closing the submission portion for entries to the Fourth of July Photo Contest this Sunday.

The rules are below and if you have any questions you can e-mail me at

   1.  The 4th of July Photography Show is open to amateur photographers only.
 (An amateur photographer is defined as anyone who does not make more
 than one-half his/her yearly salary from taking and selling photographs.)
  2.  The contest consists of 5 categories: “PEOPLE, PLACES, NATURE,
  3.  All categories will be voted on at Best of Show will be the photo that receives the most votes overall. First-, second- and third-place winners in each category will be published in the July 8 Sunday Showcase section of the Sandusky Register.
   4.  Photographs entered in previous Fourth of July contests are not eligible.
   5.  Images must be between 4x6 inches and 8x10 inches and no more than 300 dpi and emailed to the corresponding categories.
   6.  Entries are limited to two images per person per category, 10 total.
   7.  Each image must have proper information included in the email. (See below)
   8.  The time period for photos to be emailed is Sunday, May 13 to Sunday, June 3.
   9. The first round of voting starts Sunday, June 10 and ends Wednesday, June 20. The top ten votegetters will continue to a second round of voting starting on Sunday, June 24 continuing through Wednesday, July 4. Winners will be announced on July 4 at

Information to include with photos in text of e-mail...
Phone Number:
Entry Titles:

For any questions, email


Good 2 B Me

Do the winners receive anything other than the pride of winning?

Jason Werling

Not this year, unless you consider getting your photo published on the Showcase page of the Register as a prize.

We will see how this year goes and then reach out to sponsors next year for prizes. I just hope some of the talented photographers in the area are recognized and we have a friendly competition. Stay tuned...

Good 2 B Me

Sounds good! Being published should be quite an honor! Let's see how it goes!