Did someone say "Road Trip?"

Jason Werling
May 27, 2012


My two boys, Will and Payton, and I will be embarking on another road trip this summer. You may remember last year when the boys and I started at the “0” mile marker of U.S. 250 and drove it until it ended in Richmond, VA. Well, I drove it, the boys were just along for the ride. If you missed last year's trip, click HERE.
This year won’t be quite as many miles, but we are still going to take our time for a couple days and drive Ohio 4 from where it starts in downtown Sandusky to where it ends somewhere in Cincinnati.
The trip will be on Wednesday, June 20 and Thursday, June 21, and I will do a live blog of the trip with photos of our journey.
If there are some interesting spots along the journey that you think we should check out, send them to me by emailing me at werling@sanduskyregister.com or post in the comments below.

I've had some pretty cool suggestions so far, including the NSAF Museum in Dayton and a historic list of stops from here to Attica. Thanks to Larry Lepard and Scott from Huron on the suggestions.



Din't miss Lyme Village!  Just south of 113 in Bellevue


Jason, I so enjoyed your blog about your trip last year.  Here's wishing you a fun time with your boys again.



Get a map and plan your trip around towns in Ohio that are state names. Take pictures in front of all the names of the towns. Nice little trip.

Oregon, Delaware, Kansas, Wyoming, Florida, Texas, Nevada

I might of missed one or two but let your kids do the research and plan the directions.




 That is a great idea, Donutshopguy. 

Jason, I hope you have the most enjoyable trip ever !


 Dang, forgot Idaho,OH

You can do this trip in a day. A long day.

You can visit 8 states in one day.


Before you needed a passport I took my boys to a foreign country for a day. Canada.

Kottage Kat


Looking forward to another "Road Trip".  Be safe and enjoy, there is so much to see in Ohio. What an awesome learning experience for your children. God Speed 2 U.       Kat


i hope that jason will do more of these trips in the future. does anyone remember neil zurcher's one tank trips? http://www.onetanktrips.com/   and http://www.cleveland.com/tv/index.ssf/2010/06/cleveland_tv_legend_neil_zurch.html

Don S

Hasn't this trip down Rt 250 been done by the Register before ??????

Jason Werling

Thank you all for the suggestions, I've had a lot of e-mails telling us to go to Jungle Jim's as well.

Don S — We drove U.S. 250 last year, this year is Ohio 4.

Thanks again.