A Fat Tuesday Challenge for 2013

Jason Werling
Feb 22, 2012


Boy, the holidays can really sneak up on you and one that may not be high on everyone's list is Fat Tuesday. The holiday snuck up on Common Grounds Coffee House owners Robin and John Bennett as well.

The Port Clinton coffee house is one of a few places to have paczkis, prounounced PUNCH-key, from the famous Kiedrowski's Bakery in Amherst. This year was to be the 2nd Annual Fat Tuesday Paczki eating contest, but no one was up for the challenge, not even last year's winner Calvin Cook. He ate eight of the polish donuts to win last year's contest.

To make sure the north coast isn't without a challenge next year on Fat Tuesday, I plan on taking part in next year's challenge. If anyone would like to join/challenge me, you have 12 months to get yourself "fit" for some serious stuffing.

According to Delish.com, an average paczki can contain 300 to 450 calories and anywhere from 15-24 grams of fat. With a little math and a lot of dough and filling, I think I can tip the 3,000+ calorie count by the end of the morning.

So, mark your calendars... Tuesday, February 12, 2013.



Jeez........ Jason, was it really necessary to show us the lady losing her paczkis??

Jason Werling

Lynn222- She wasn't getting sick, just spitting out what was still in her mouth following last year's challenge.

Who knows, that could be me next year.


Okay, Jason...it's on.  You better start training.   What is the time limit for the contest?

swiss family

 where is the picture taken of the bakery worker  picking up this treat WITH THEIR BARE HANDS???????????????   isn't it the law that food workers MUST wear plastic gloves, and/or tongs????


you said it swiss. looks like somebody took a bite out of it too.