Students up for a Challenge

Jason Werling
Feb 6, 2012


How about some February Madness?

Below you will find a bracket for this year’s playoffs of the Firelands Challenge. If you’d like to get a warm up to next month’s NCAA tourney, fill out a bracket and send it to me at the Register.
Spending a couple sessions with the students at the Firelands Challenge really made me wonder if I just didn’t pay attention enough in high school, especially the math equations. I didn’t graduate at the top of my class, nor at the bottom, but I had to hear the same questions and answers two or three times just to start getting them right.
These kids work hard, and the Challenge isn’t just about book smarts. There are current event questions, and I think a Justin Bieber answer snuck in there if I heard right.
The Challenge might not be played on a football field or basketball court, but there is fierce competition and a camaraderie within the teams and throughout the schools that participate.

We froze our “tuckuses” off
...well most of us did.
The Register’s Freezedom of the Press team of myself, Jessica Cuffman, Annie Zelm, Alex Thompson and Andy Ouriel raised more than $700 for Special Olympics during our Polar Plunge this past weekend.
And if you look at the photo, everyone who jumped from our team is in the photo. Five people on the team, four people in the picture. Hmmmm.
On jump day, reporter Andy Ouriel was nowhere to be found. He claims he was there wearing his winter coat and watching from afar, but I’m still not so sure. Andy did still raise the $75 for a great cause so we can’t fault him there.
The Polar Plunge was a great success, raising over $33,000 for Special Olympics and doubling this year’s participants from less than 100 to over 200. The clear day with just above freezing temperatures probably helped with the turnout as well as this year’s dedication of the event to the memory of Sandusky police officer Andrew Dunn.
Sandusky police Sgt. Tracey Susana, a coordinator for the event, spoke from the heart during the opening of the event and asked for a moment of silence in honor of Dunn.
Many of Dunn’s family members came out of plunging retirement, though some reluctant, to participate in the plunge.
Video and photos from the event, including a first person view as I plunge in the water, is still available HERE and HERE. Thank you to everyone who supported our team and all the teams during this year’s plunge.



Written By: Iscander al-MamariArticle Date: Dec 15, 2010 - 11:51:12 PM Digg this story! Leave Your Comments! Email This Article Printer Friendly PageIn spite of the Gulf 20 having been concluded over a week ago, statistics said nearly 2000 people from GCC countries on Sunday 12th entered Yemen through al-Tewal port border said Ibrahim Zaidan, Security director of Haradh, said to the Yemen Observer.“We report statistics of the number of visitors to Yemen through this port at the end of every week on Friday. This number is bigger than number of visitors before this tournament,” said Zaidan.He moreover added that the Gulf 20 security plan is still being enforced because many football fans from GCC countries have not yet left Yemen.“Around 5000 vehicles of the visitors have left so far. When visitors knewabout the security presence in Yemen and realized that all that was being said about Yemen security is a lie, they came in large numbers. The great success achieved by Yemen in hosting the Gulf 20 during the period from 22 November to 5 December encouraged many GCC citizens to visit Yemen and to take in the scenic beauty and historical setting,” Zaidan declared.