Your best view of the ConAgra implosion could be from your computer

Jason Werling
Jan 9, 2012


If you can't make it to the Huron Boat Basin or can't afford or haven't been invited to one of the VIP areas to watch Sunday's implosion of the ConAgra building, don't be too upset. We are going to stream the event right here at

The folks at the Huron Yacht Club, the friendliest Club on the Lake, have been gracious enough to reserve us, and all of you, a front seat view of the event. We will start broadcasting at 2 p.m. on Sunday and continue all the way through the implosion at 3 p.m. We will also be compiling photos and video of the event for later in the afternoon at and Monday's Sandusky Register.

Join us at 2 p.m. at our video player or in our interactive chat room at Hope to see you there!


Watch live streaming video from registermedia at


Julie R.

Well, thank God for small favors, Jason.  If I wanted to watch this big implosion I sure wouldn't spend $50 to see it. I would go stand in the parking lot of Ace Hardware instead but then I would have to smell all the junk coming from the implosion so I think I'll watch history in the making instead from my computer!

Erie County Resident

The SR should have a VIP section set up for it's regular bloggers so we could all meet and know who we are "discussing" things with... :o)

old dog

Well, for sure Julie R would be invited and mabe she would donate to the food bank!!!!!

Julie R.

I'm game. How about it, SR?


I will be there too!

Woody Hayes

You will be able to reconize some of the folks there by the tin foil hats they will be wearing.


Best to watch it on the computer.  It looks like the Register has a good spot.  Thank you for the live video stream.  

Norma J-C

does anyone know if the grain elevators are coming down, too?


Norna--Stop living in the past!


Brass Pelican is charging from $11.00 to $50.00 for seats to watch. People should remember these gougers in the future!!!


How are they gouging?  I supose the bars in Chicago that charge people to sit on their roof to watch Cubs games are also gouging?  Or the Hotel in Toronto attached to the Sky Dome that charges double for people to stay there during an event...they also must be gouging.  River Watch tower in Columbus that charges people $10 to watch a football game that is being broadcast for free on TV...they must be really gouging.  How many major events have ever been in Huron?  $10 is almost as cheap as you....

Fibber Mcgee

 Where is the countdown clock?  Great location SR. Best place to watch...


 That was pretty cool, Those are probably concrete filled, rebar reinforced block walls designed to contain dust explosions, tough stuff to bring completely down. All in all a good job.

Sititlow Videos

ok Sandusky...I will have some HD video of the implosion up shortly with a great view...stay tuned. Be sure to like us on Facebook!



Not sure where 007 got his info but I watched from the Brass Pelican patio and it only cost me 9 dollars. That was after ordering 3 Yuenglings though.


 ok.. i have only one small question...... why the hell would you set fireworks off in DAY TIME?!

Sititlow Videos

Ok here is the link to the video I promised...  ..possibly the best view of the implosion!! I am sorry for the audio I had a mic malfuntion. If you enjoy this video please share it with your friends!


T. A. Schwanger

Jan 06, 2012
07:08 PM

Erie County Resident says

The SR should have a VIP section set up for it's regular bloggers so we could all meet and know who we are "discussing" things with... :o)


Good idea Erie County Resident. If the City of Sandusky decides to implode APEX or the Keller Building I'm in. Looking forward to meeting The Answer Person for some answers

T. A. Schwanger


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