Staff photographer Wark transitions to SPC Wark

Jason Werling
Dec 12, 2011


As you may have read in past blogs or stories, Sandusky Register staff photographer Luke Wark is a member of the Army National Guard and has been called to serve his country in Afghanistan.

His deployment ceremony was yesterday in Canton and even Luke, who prefers to stay on the non-lens side of the camera, wasn't able to escape the media covering the event.

Luke is the eighth guy in line in the above photo by Scott Heckel of the Canton Repository. You can see more photos and a story about the deployment ceremony by clicking HERE.

Wark and his father were also interviewed by a local television station covering the event. Watch the video in the player below.




 Be safe Wark, be safe!

Kottage Kat

You are in my prayers Luke, and Thank you all who serve,     Kat

The New World Czar

Luke, thank you for your service to our country.


People can hate our government, but honor and respect the men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice to their families and country to protect and serve each and everyone of us American's !!!!!