The eagles have landed — Again!

Jason Werling
Mar 23, 2010


If you kept up with my blog last year you would have seen several updates about the pair of American Bald Eagles that had set up residence in a tree behind Gerold's Old Dutch Tavern on Perkins Avenue in Perkins Township.
The "Old Dutch eagles," as they had become known, had started a family once again until their nest came crashing down with their sole eaglet not surviving. Efforts were made by the property owner Gary Toll and various donations to build an artificial nest near the site of the former nest.
It looks as though the Old Dutch pair has turned their proverbial beaks up at the artificial nest and have started building another nest. They are staying in Perkins Township and I have included a couple photos of the nest in progress.
Stay tuned for more updates.


Keep Focused

Is the new nest still behind the Old Dutch?


That nest is destined to fail.  It is in an ash tree, and most all the ash in Perkins Twp are already infested with the Emerald Ash Borer, and will be dead within another year or 2.