Scandalized in Washington

May 20, 2013


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Looking for scandals while Ken Star is call waiting.



You should read the "Starr Report"( I have), it helps show Pres. Clinton as the liar and hypocrite that he is.

He lost his law license for perjury.

The Big Dog's back

He gave up his law license to end the Repub witch hunt.


Like Palin gave up her Governorship to save the people of Alaska the expense of having to pay for FRIVOLOUS LAW SUITS?


Anyway, I just wanted anybody who may read this and that is paid by the Register, to know how much I appreciate this news service's effort to equivocate the matter.
Get it? The GOP is salivating.
That's enough to understand that there's nothing to see here, move along.

This is a VERY important point for anyone starting doubt that this administration has had any nefarious intentions.

And no questions about the impression that there are ALOT of them, coming out at the same time. It's just those EVIL conservatives trying to make you really pay attention.