Saturday morning I went to Central Park, where I planned to mow the grass. Thought it would be a good idea. Just wanted to spruce the old place up a bit. The notion to do it hit me with a quiet Hamiltonian zeal; almost Zen-like.

The recyclables in my garage are piling up the same way they pile up at recycling centers across Erie County. The last time I went to the drop-off center at the county building near the fairgrounds off Columbus Avenue, there was no room in the bins and junk was flying with the wind.

This year has not been as good as others, so far, and it all starts with appliances. The toaster, the CD player, the light fixture over the dining room table and the one in the closet, all have malfunctioned.

A teen girl who sent a nude photograph of herself to her boyfriend using her cell phone was charged with unruliness after her 18-year-old boyfriend forwarded that same photo to his friends after they broke off their romance. With what would you guess police charged the boyfriend?

We work in a purpose-filled profession with gratitude. We are humbled by the opportunity to tell the story of our community as best we see it. And we continually evaluate who we are and what we could become.

City law director Don Icsman is dug in, and continues to refuse to release information on the cost of the Nuesse civil service hearing, and a ton of other public information on Matt Kline's estimated $1 million integrity probe of fired police Chief Kim Nuesse.

Maybe I'm easily influenced by what people say, and it seems ironic that I want to write this blog about the brother-in-law of the man who is suing me. But one man is not another, and the actions of one should not influence my thoughts of the other.

The Register news team has asked repeatedly, under the Ohio Revised Code public records law, for the invoices and expenses from attorney Margaret Cannon and retired judge Joseph Cirigliano Jr. for their work during the civil service hearings for fired police Chief Kim Nuesse.

A reader called this morning and took exception to how reporter Tom Jackson described the particular sculpture in an art exhibit at BGSU Firelands.

Get stimulus money

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur led a meeting of local public officials last week, where the turnout was amazing and Kaptur was direct.

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