We had plenty of fun on this week's program with guest host Jason Werling and our first canine visitor. Our guests included Ashley Bethard from Funcoast, Sarah Weber from sanduskyregister.com, Erie County Dog Warden Barb Knapp and the Sandusky Register's Andy Ouriel and Emil Whitis.

2:25 PM Jul 13, 2011

We had a full show this week with our regulars Ashley Bethard from Funcoast and reporter Andy Ouriel. This week's guests were Ruth and Bob Haag and we also had a pretaped interview with the AFL/CIO's Tim Burga.

6:35 PM Jun 22, 2011

The executive director of the Sandusky State Theatre Thomas Kazmierczak was our featured guest on Between the Lines this afternoon.

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2:19 PM Jun 15, 2011

Sandusky city commissioner Dick Brady was our guest on Between the Lines. We also talked to Funcoast.com's Ashley Bethard and sanduskyregister.com's Jasmine Pace.

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2:20 PM May 25, 2011

Our guests for Between the Lines this week were Funcoast's Ashley Bethard, sports reporter Mark Hazelwood and Sandusky City School Board member Richard Koonce.

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2:45 PM May 18, 2011

Between the Lines went on the road for this week's edition, but not too far. We interviewed Cedar Point vice president and general manager John Hildebrandt. We also interviewed Ohio Fraternal Order of Police president Jay McDonald about officer safety and Senate Bill 5.

2:29 PM May 11, 2011

Sandusky City Schools Superintendent Tom Tucker was our guest for Between the Lines on May 4, 2011.

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3:18 PM May 4, 2011

We provided two and a half hours of live election coverage from the Sandusky Register newsroom on Tuesday night for the May special election.

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10:44 PM May 3, 2011

This week on Between the Lines our special guest was Ohio representative Dennis Murray. We also talked with Funcoast.com's Ashley Bethard and Sandusky Register reporter Melissa Topey.

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3:25 PM Apr 27, 2011

Former Sandusky fire chief Mike Meinzer was our guest on this week's Between the Lines.

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2:17 PM Apr 20, 2011
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