Hear the latest Sandusky song

Matt Westerhold
Jul 16, 2014


Singer and Sandusky native Dan May has a new song about his hometown. 

Chausee Liaison

"The song is not nearly as fancy as the title would imply," May said. 



That song made me want to jump on a ferry and head to the island! That's the type of music you used to hear there. You could sit there and sip on a beer, listen to a guy like this sing original local songs, while he's wearing flip flops and shorts, and throw your peanut shells on the floor!

Now days they play nasty club music, rap crap, wear affliction shirts two sizes two small. Guys have more jewelry and hair product than women, and girls are wearing high heels they can't walk in with dresses that belong on a street corner, or they have a penis sipper cup and tshirt that says "suck for a buck".

You can't even throw peanut shells on the floor now days. Someone might slip and fall and sue you. I miss the old days on the island, not this Jersey shore wanna be crap.


I like it.



Lovin 4 Life

LOVE it! his music is the hidden language to our souls...