Hey kids, go home and die

Matt Westerhold
Jun 21, 2014

One reader's comment posted at sanduskyregister.com about the recent influx of children on the border was troubling: “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children is more like it.”

The comment is particularly harsh. 

They aren't children gathering at the U.S.-Mexican border; they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT children.

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For some reason, not the blood he spilled during the American Revolution, the reader thought it was important to correctly label these children. They aren't AMERICAN CHILDREN; they're not CHILDREN OF GOD.

No, according to the reader who posted the comment, they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN.

Unlike his children, or himself, who by the grace of God and nothing else, all were born in the United States, these children were not born on U.S. soil.

Their lives have less meaning, the reader's capitalized words seem to suggest. They have less value and they somehow are undeserving of the same freedoms the reader and his children enjoy, determined solely by the chance location of their births, and nothing else.

Those children, and their parents ... all those people were born south of the border, without the grace of God the reader and his family enjoy: A dream of freedom.

What's his is his, not theirs. And not only are they ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN, they're skin is darker, too.

“Put them back on the bus and back across the border,” another reader posted at the story. “Until everyone learns there are consequences they will keep coming. Send them back.”

Obviously, those children need to be taught something; we have to “learn” them, according to that reader, that our freedoms are not their freedoms and they don't deserve a chance in life to live free. They weren't born here.

That woman actually believes she offered up a reasoned and fair position. She probably fancies herself a God-fearing woman who waves the flag and is proud to be an American, as if she had anything to do with that.

No worries some of those children might face lives of miserable consequences, poverty and death, fomented, in part at least, by the insatiable American appetite for the drug imports from across the border that help create the oppressive and violent drug cartels that control their home countries.

Not her problem.

She'll argue the only way to preserve her freedom birthright is by allowing the children of ILLEGALS to live in poverty and despair because unlike her, they weren't born here. Damn kids. Go back to where you came from. WE DON'T CARE.

It's as if extending our freedoms to brown-skinned people — even children — somehow diminishes our freedom.

The reality is not extending the American ideal of freedom to everyone is what diminishes our freedom.

Both readers are just minor pawns in the oppression of others; the oppression of themselves.

People are people and it doesn't matter where they were born. And parents are parents, regardless of the labels that witting, or unwitting, oppressors employ.

I worry if my daughter is 15 minutes later than expected.

In contrast, these parents sent their children away, to the U.S.-Mexican border because an American prison cell is a safer place for them than the homes where they live.

Those parents are courageous.

Some of the readers who commented are the opposite.

The parents of these children believe in the American ideal more than the beneficiaries who enjoy the un-earned freedoms guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

U.S. immigration policies have been racist-based since the founding of the nation, and the debate is likely to continue long after we are all dead, with politics being central to it and freedom being nothing more than an afterthought, if it's considered at all.

The very basis of the nation's founding that "all men are created equal" and "endowed with certain inalienable rights” gets ignored in the process.



I love this!

Licorice Schtick

Matt doesn't like what the writer wrote but can't argue against it, so instead he argues against what the writer DIDN'T write.


Agreed. I changed my comment asking if they are legal. Maybe someone from the register will answer.


Say that again , Licorice Schtick ???

Bottom Line

What don't you get? Matt is putting words in a commenter's mouth and making false assumptions that the commenter didn't say or imply. Then makes an incoherent argument against what he WISHES the commenter said using false claims of racism and discrimination that Lefterhold and all liberals resort to when it doesn't apply. Which yeah you've got to be sick to pull that off.


Thanks , but that was just a labyrinth of static.

Bottom Line

In your futile attempt to appear intelligent you simply do what most liberals do: sidestep the facts and tiptoe around the truth.


Your explanation was basically a "word salad".

It's a characteristic of the Right-wing paranoid mentality.

Licorice Schtick

OK, that was fun, but let's get back to the case at hand.

Matt makes an impassioned appeal for empathy for the plight of immigrants and their children that is not without merit, but the attack on his reader's comments is excessive at best and is an obvious mistake. Or sardonic. Wait. What?

In any event, what about all the miserable people elsewhere in the world who are worse off than Mexican immigrants and who would benefit for a life here even more? Maybe we should open our borders to EVERYONE.

Immigration isn't really about liberal or conservative. "Liberal" labor wants tight borders to protect American workers and "conservative" employers like free and easy immigration for cheap labor and new customers.

The problem of illegal Mexican immigration is confounding and probably unsolvable, in part because it's a REALLY long border, and we're the dumping ground for the surplus labor from horribly unfair third-world economic system. And the stereotype of the desperately poor wide-eyed innocents is a bit of a myth; plenty of illegals were doing OK but just wanted more. Another word for it is greed. It's simple economics; as long as the benefits of cheating outweigh the risks, we should continue to expect illegal immigration on a massive scale.


The commentors were very vicious.
If Matt hurt their little feelings as you are insinuating , too bad.
I'm going to let Kirsten Powers try to get through to you.


From the Grave

Matt, even in your attempt to appear compassionate, you come off just as much as an "I've got mine" pompous American as the commenter you are criticizing, by assuming that life is so much more desirable here in the states, and that we are the purveyors of freedom. Liberal or conservative~who cares. Still an as-hole-ish perspective that I find embarrassing as an American.

From the Grave

I would like to see the United States spend the next 800 billion on making life better here and around the world, instead of whatever we were supposedly doing in Iraq.


Commenter forgets that everyone is an immigrant/invader or decendant of immigrant/invader.
All immigrant haters should have automatic ejection seats.

Bottom Line

Legal immigrants yes. Not ones sneaking in here illegally and knowing they're breaking our laws. How do you possibly not comprehend the difference? And the consequences of the latter?


All immigrant haters should have automatic ejection seats.

Bottom Line

Thanks again, Rainman.

From the Grave

What were the consequences for the already free human beings that inhabited this land when the whites invaded their homes and slaughtered them?




It's easy for people to show their true colors when they can hide behind their computer screens. Do you think they'd say "Hey kids, go home and die" in public? I doubt it. They're too much of a coward to take the flak.


And your name is?


Irrelevant, I never made any disparaging comments about kids.

Perkins Resident

No one did.


A lot of people seem to think so. Anyway, my comment was aimed at those whom write mean/nasty things while cowering behind the monitors of their computers.

Perkins Resident

No, a lot of people don't think so except the author of this article and maybe two others on here. Calling someone, even a child an illegal immigrant is not wrong. It's what they are. This entire article is nonsense.


I agree, they are illegal immigrants. Just because the author is a professional writer, doesn't mean he can think clearly.

Perkins Resident

Amen OSU! Great comment!


Nah..........while both of you are high-fiving each other , you've both missed his motivation and point.


The parents who send their children illegally into this country to become wards of the state are criminals. While no one can argue that they're likely doing it for the SAKE of their children, that doesn't excuse or mitigate the crime. They are violating immigration law; they are fraudulently collecting benefits rightfully earned and paid for by Americans; and they are effectively stealing from everyone who pays taxes. (And that doesn't take into consideration those who commit further crimes after they sneak into the country, nor will I get into the nightmare diseases now in the U.S. and attributed to illegals.)

If I rob a bank so my kids can eat better, will you let me go and keep the money just because I had good intentions? If I break into your house so my kids can have a nicer TV, will you decline to press charges and bless me for taking such good care of my kids? If I sell drugs to your kids and use the money to pay rent, are you okay with that since I'm only hurting your kids to protect my own?

Until you PERSONALLY unlock your doors and windows and welcome all comers day and night, you're a hypocrite. Trespass is illegal. Breaking and entering is illegal. Theft is illegal. And so is entering the country without documentation. There are good reasons these things are illegal, too, and whether you admit it or not, you know it. After all, you still secure your own home when you leave it, DON'T you?


Gotta give you a +1 Sam

Bottom Line

Thank you Sam. Perfectly said... However, since you speak logically and with common sense, clearly you are a racist. Clearly you think that you're better than everyone else on Earth who wasn't born here. Just like that commenter.

Talk about putting words in someone's mouth. And to think a few weeks ago Matt called me "hostile" for simply ASKING if he honestly believed this newspaper was objective and if he wasn't constantly trying to push a personal agenda. No wonder he never answered my question.

Of all the columns of Matt's I've read, this one is the worst. And that's really saying something