Racist free speech

Matt Westerhold
Jun 7, 2014

The man wearing the gorilla costume in downtown Sandusky during Ohio Bike Week on Thursday, carrying a sign that stated “Obama's real daddy,” isn't necessarily a racist.

He just acts like one.

He isn't necessarily a member of the Ku Klux Klan; he just acts like one, wearing a different sort of hood to hide his identity.

The man in the gorilla costume, which was adorned with a dildo hanging just below the waist, doesn't necessarily have some sort of penis envy; the appendage might just have been handy, from a private collection of virtual penises.

Gorilla man probably believes he is not a racist; he might not be associated with the KKK; he might not be suffering penis envy.

Instead, he might say he was simply exercising his First Amendment right to free speech by depicting President Obama as the son of a gorilla. The First Amendment gives him the right to express himself — anonymously — hidden behind a gorilla mask, or a white hood.

If that's the case — that he doesn't believe he's racist — then he's a racist who doesn't know he's a racist.

He doesn't know how offensive the suggestion is that a man is the son of a gorilla.

He doesn't know the history how ignorant people just like him — for the better part of history — depicted blacks as having tails. Many whites actually believed God created white people, and other people were descended from apes.

It's a belief many whites shared, as well as a trait many still have: A superiority complex.

Gorilla man is a holdover from that history. He probably watches biased television news coverage produced by people who share that superiority complex, and, like him, are ignorant of their own ignorance.

He probably doesn't believe in global warming; thinks President Obama was born in Kenya; called Obama a traitor for not securing the release of a POW, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; and called him a traitor again after he secured Bergdahl's release.

Free speech: Even people plagued with a superiority complexes and penis envy have a right to it; even ignorant people have a right to it.

But it's a two-way street. Some readers who commented under the article at sanduskyregister.com showed their matching ignorance to the gorilla man, while others took him to task.

"What is wrong with some people and why bring it to bike week?” one commenter wrote. “(He) must have a brain the size of peanut.”

Another commenter stated: “This ignorant low IQ moron just got his or her five minutes of fame. Probably waited all year for it.”

But the offensiveness of the gorilla's useless protest aside, there is a reason free speech is important, according to another reader who posted a comment.

“The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees free speech, it does not say 'if it doesn't offend you.' Freedom is never free, but to deny free speech, no matter how offensive, is a right that we must defend,” one commenter posted. “While I find his protest offensive, as an American, I will defend his right to speak."



Bottom Line

Again just a random statement that you throw out there. That's completely not fact at all. You can't find anything to support your outlandish claims. You're not all there are you?


And you Winnie? Citing wiki as a source then changing. imo. you hold only yourself as correct. Epic fail. The end.


You are right Kurt. Pooh has the correct answer and it is ALWAYS his answer. He ALWAYS allows three point of views. His, his, and his!


Re: "Citing wiki as a source then changing."


Reality: 10, kurtie: - 50.


So boring... Go Nadal!

The Answer Person

So when do we get to find who the guy is?


Here is a quick litmus test.
Why did you vote for Obama?
Remember voting FOR someone based upon race makes you just as racist as those who voted against him because of race.
The main reason normal people did not vote for him is because he has no experience and as a politician he has no real record of voting on anything. "Present" is not a real vote and that's exactly what he has been doing as president ever since, He's just "Present"


Here is your answer:
I voted for him because he was a better candidate and has a similar agenda as the majority of this country. I also thought that he knew the value of hard work and of the American people. He was very inspiring and still is. The fact that he is Black was a bonus for me.

Experienced politicians have not proven to be of any greater value.
Assuming that all the people that voted for him...TWICE are abnormal is just DUMB!


That's odd. When I say that I voted for McCain and Romney because they were better candidates, your side calls me a racist. When I said that their agenda encouraged Americans to be responsible, like the majority are, I was called a racist. When I thought that Obama hadn't done enough hard work in his life, other than giving speeches, to deserve being president, I was called a racist. Why the double standard?

Bottom Line

Great post, I. It's the double standard and hypocrisy of truly racist people like deer further sinking this country... And remember, "responsible" is a four letter word to those people in the context you used it in.


The question is why did your guy lose? McCain and Romney had no real respect for or clue what the average American does.

None of your reasons for not voting for Obama are racist and I don't believe you were called one.


You're kidding, right?


NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!


They are not abnormal, Just stupid. Remember Bush was elected twice as well so now your in that category.
How do you even know what his agenda actually was? He voted "Present" constantly and really did much of nothing besides campaign and blow a lot of hot air. What inspired you, was it the promises that the waters will be held back or the ones about healing the planet? It does not take much to inspire morons it seems.
You voted for him because he was black or worse yet because of a letter behind his name. There was no track record of policy's he stood for unless you see something in the word "Present" the rest of the known world doesn't see.

The Big Dog's back

So from one side of your mouth you want term limits, and the other side says you must be an experienced politician. So which is it?


I did not say experience politician. I just want someone who is experienced at leading people and stands for something. Obama has absolutely no experience at anything beside making moron racist vote for him.
Why did you vote for Obama? Was it because he stood on the corner making promises of a utopia or was all his Present votes that made you giddy to vote for him? The simple truth is you are racist and judge people by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character.

The Big Dog's back

I voted for him because like minds think alike. Now who did you vote for? I'm sure you voted for a white guy. Why, because he was white?


LOL! So your saying Obama is retarded too? Or do you mean your both liars who have a hard time saying anything without prompts from something else?
Face it the only thing you knew about the man is he was black. That or your actually dumb enough to believe a politician from the Repubs or democrats.
That question answers itself every time you post.


Matt's article is spot on. Especially, about the superiority complex. We are all from the same cloth like it or not. What makes any group of people better or superior? No such thing! You may be a better person but you still are not superior.

Julie R.



Speaking of Pres. Obama:

Caught part of an interview with director Oliver Stone.

Mr. Stone has made several movies about presidents, such as "Nixon," "JFK," & "W."

When asked about making a movie about Pres. Obama, Mr. Stone replied:

“I don’t think he’s that interesting enough. I think that’s more of a Spielberg movie.”



And ?


More like an 'aside,' Sport.

Your BS about the 9-11 conspiracy was off-topic. :)

Not "interesting enough." LMAO!!!

Check out "The Untold History of America" sometime:



A Spielberg movie wouldn't be interesting ?


How can a movie about this country's first Black President not be interesting?


Will it show his hardships as a child living in gated communities going to private schools and then his further hardships later on in life being spoon fed every break a guy can get while going to ivy league schools?
Its pretty hard to make a movie about a guy who has sealed every aspect of his life up. What are the supposed to do, Emulate him and justy make the crap up as you go?


What did the movie W show? Hardships? The Bush silver spoon? His business skills? His English speaking skills? How to eat pretzels? What?


Seriously? I did not vote for Bush so in my honest opinion him and Obama are the same. The only real difference between the two is the letter behind the name and the gaggle of morons who vote for them.
Quit deflecting and answer the question, What would the Obama movie depict other than millions of brainless morons chanting his name and calling for change that rational people know isn't going to happen by electing the same people who created the problems back into office.
(Besides Obama's autobiography's have already came out they are called "2016" and "Dreams from my real father")


It's like teaching a History class with you.

1. First Black President
2. His Kenyan father and American mother
3. Political career/aspirations
4. Achievements
5. The march to the presidency
etc., etc., etc.....................