Racist free speech

Matt Westerhold
Jun 7, 2014


The man wearing the gorilla costume in downtown Sandusky during Ohio Bike Week on Thursday, carrying a sign that stated “Obama's real daddy,” isn't necessarily a racist.

He just acts like one.

He isn't necessarily a member of the Ku Klux Klan; he just acts like one, wearing a different sort of hood to hide his identity.

The man in the gorilla costume, which was adorned with a dildo hanging just below the waist, doesn't necessarily have some sort of penis envy; the appendage might just have been handy, from a private collection of virtual penises.

Gorilla man probably believes he is not a racist; he might not be associated with the KKK; he might not be suffering penis envy.

Instead, he might say he was simply exercising his First Amendment right to free speech by depicting President Obama as the son of a gorilla. The First Amendment gives him the right to express himself — anonymously — hidden behind a gorilla mask, or a white hood.

If that's the case — that he doesn't believe he's racist — then he's a racist who doesn't know he's a racist.

He doesn't know how offensive the suggestion is that a man is the son of a gorilla.

He doesn't know the history how ignorant people just like him — for the better part of history — depicted blacks as having tails. Many whites actually believed God created white people, and other people were descended from apes.

It's a belief many whites shared, as well as a trait many still have: A superiority complex.

Gorilla man is a holdover from that history. He probably watches biased television news coverage produced by people who share that superiority complex, and, like him, are ignorant of their own ignorance.

He probably doesn't believe in global warming; thinks President Obama was born in Kenya; called Obama a traitor for not securing the release of a POW, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; and called him a traitor again after he secured Bergdahl's release.

Free speech: Even people plagued with a superiority complexes and penis envy have a right to it; even ignorant people have a right to it.

But it's a two-way street. Some readers who commented under the article at sanduskyregister.com showed their matching ignorance to the gorilla man, while others took him to task.

"What is wrong with some people and why bring it to bike week?” one commenter wrote. “(He) must have a brain the size of peanut.”

Another commenter stated: “This ignorant low IQ moron just got his or her five minutes of fame. Probably waited all year for it.”

But the offensiveness of the gorilla's useless protest aside, there is a reason free speech is important, according to another reader who posted a comment.

“The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees free speech, it does not say 'if it doesn't offend you.' Freedom is never free, but to deny free speech, no matter how offensive, is a right that we must defend,” one commenter posted. “While I find his protest offensive, as an American, I will defend his right to speak."




So just because he was born a certain color from a communist foreign student and a 1%er who had free rides his entire life with no real achievements to speak of beside being able to completely hide his history from the gullible masses you think it would make a good movie?
Face it he is part of that 1% that you libtards all love to hate and somehow you still think he knows what its like to be middle class or poor. Its not that hard to get ahead when you start at the top.

The Big Dog's back

done again, where do you come up with this stuff? Where the sun doesn't shine?


You might want to google your gods background moron.


The gorilla suit guy has the right to be/act racist outside of the banking and the work environment. I and others have that same right to call him out on his behavior. He/she is a racist. To comment about other racial actions as a reason to ignore this behavior is ridicules.


Crazy. People still hating because Obama got elected. Sore losers.

Julie R.

Now that this moron has had his more than 5 minutes of fame, I would like to see the idiot come out of the closet ....... maybe even go on the SR's Between the Lines program or something.

Whiskey in a Teacup

Good grief_ it's a gorilla suit with a big dick, it's racist. There is nothing political about his statement. Am I dreaming this stuff?? You people have never heard of stereotypes? Quit discussing whether he leans right or left.. His point was straight up__racist.


im still waiting for matt westerholds response about how he puts a mans name and picture on the sr website and that said man is not even charged with a crime he is a "suspect" but thats "free speech" is it racist that the man is of caucasian descent does matt put black peoples name and picture on the front page with no charges as a "suspect"??? thats racist matt if it's good for the white man then it's good enough for the blacks right????? oh that's right it's all about selling newspapers right matt.?


What if all that was meant by this, is that the guy in the suit thought our president monkeys around too much? Then all you liberal hippies are just assuming he is racist. I actually got kicked off of this paper for speaking my mind a while back. So evidently the editor here only allows what they like on here. I myself served for this country and believe in my right to freedom of speech. I also think this stunt was very funny. So if you don't think it was funny, grow up and get a sense of humor.


Argue free speech, argue how lousy our president is (I won't disagree with you on that), you can even say you thought it was funny. But for $hit$ sake, arguing this isn't racist? You can't possibly believe that. Please see "Whiskey's" post above.

Julie R.

Personally, I think the fact that you found this stunt funny speaks volumes about your character.

"Beautiful is character when one lives in secret what one lives in the public eye."

White Bigot

The gorilla is doing himself a disservice by claiming Obama as his son. Do you know that Obama wants to make fried chicken and watermelon the national dinner?