Racist free speech

Matt Westerhold
Jun 7, 2014

The man wearing the gorilla costume in downtown Sandusky during Ohio Bike Week on Thursday, carrying a sign that stated “Obama's real daddy,” isn't necessarily a racist.

He just acts like one.

He isn't necessarily a member of the Ku Klux Klan; he just acts like one, wearing a different sort of hood to hide his identity.

The man in the gorilla costume, which was adorned with a dildo hanging just below the waist, doesn't necessarily have some sort of penis envy; the appendage might just have been handy, from a private collection of virtual penises.

Gorilla man probably believes he is not a racist; he might not be associated with the KKK; he might not be suffering penis envy.

Instead, he might say he was simply exercising his First Amendment right to free speech by depicting President Obama as the son of a gorilla. The First Amendment gives him the right to express himself — anonymously — hidden behind a gorilla mask, or a white hood.

If that's the case — that he doesn't believe he's racist — then he's a racist who doesn't know he's a racist.

He doesn't know how offensive the suggestion is that a man is the son of a gorilla.

He doesn't know the history how ignorant people just like him — for the better part of history — depicted blacks as having tails. Many whites actually believed God created white people, and other people were descended from apes.

It's a belief many whites shared, as well as a trait many still have: A superiority complex.

Gorilla man is a holdover from that history. He probably watches biased television news coverage produced by people who share that superiority complex, and, like him, are ignorant of their own ignorance.

He probably doesn't believe in global warming; thinks President Obama was born in Kenya; called Obama a traitor for not securing the release of a POW, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; and called him a traitor again after he secured Bergdahl's release.

Free speech: Even people plagued with a superiority complexes and penis envy have a right to it; even ignorant people have a right to it.

But it's a two-way street. Some readers who commented under the article at sanduskyregister.com showed their matching ignorance to the gorilla man, while others took him to task.

"What is wrong with some people and why bring it to bike week?” one commenter wrote. “(He) must have a brain the size of peanut.”

Another commenter stated: “This ignorant low IQ moron just got his or her five minutes of fame. Probably waited all year for it.”

But the offensiveness of the gorilla's useless protest aside, there is a reason free speech is important, according to another reader who posted a comment.

“The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees free speech, it does not say 'if it doesn't offend you.' Freedom is never free, but to deny free speech, no matter how offensive, is a right that we must defend,” one commenter posted. “While I find his protest offensive, as an American, I will defend his right to speak."




What the hell does global warming have to so with racism? It's a scam to take money from producers to allow the crooks in the UN and 3rd world to squander it on themselves. Obama deserves all the crap he gets. You're a minority Matt, you and your liberal media. Come Nov you will see.


...and the Democrats in 1865 called Lincoln a descendant from apes - "Abrahamus Africanus".

And we know what happened to him.....


"It's a belief many whites shared, as well as a trait many still have: A superiority complex." Matt, after reading your rant, I can tell that you speak from experience. The only difference between you and the guy in the gorilla suit is that you think you're superior to everyone.




Should have had a sign that said Westerholds dad.


I also defend gorilla man's right to free speech. Just like I defend the West Baptist's protests at military funerals, nude marches, and flamboyant gay pride parades. However offensive speech may develop a strong reaction and steps must be taken to control the situation.

Many wonder why the police conferred with the local NAACP chapter. Not being in the room, I assume this was an attempt to explain what they can do and cannot do trying head off a possible backlash. While I personally think the NAACP is ineffective voice for all black people in this age, there was little else the peace officers can do to appear proactive. The situation could have gone south really fast. Sandusky law enforcement is not equipped to handle a flash event like this. Especially right in the middle of tourist season and Bike Week. The entire city could have been thrown into chaos and for what... a man in a sexualized gorilla suit.


WHAT ABOUT THE DILDO? A hard penis, women stroking it,... don't need to show your kids porno films - it was right there AND sufficient grounds for arrest for public indecency.

What about the DILDO MATT?


Matt is onto something. We have lost the 4th branch of government. News media has essentially performed a self lobotomy. Now way Watergate would have seen the light of day with what media we have now.

Great podcast that discusses this and other pressing issues is Dan Carlin's Common Sense. He truly makes a lot of sense especially if you are not a political extremist.


It is a "two way street" but why were these people not brought to task when they intimidated and stopped people from their right to vote? I have said before that racism will never end as long as it is sponsored by the federal government and those that can make money off of it!



I didn't se any intimidation in that video. Big fail in trying to prove your point.


A black panther member standing in front of a voting pole with a night stick. LOL, not even close to a doofass wearing a costume holding a sign, crazy world, crazy people.



What's intimidating about a Black Panther holding a night stick? Are you intimidated when you see white guys with their gun strapped to them?


Not me. Stupid is Stupid.
However I haven't seen any recent reports about mass killings - or even individual killings - by a black man (or Black Panther) with a night stick.

Now... massacres by white men with guns.....


You're on to something.


So what is the coloration here, we are discussing a dumb act by a person, white, black, Mexican, Asian or other, male, female hiding behind a costume holding a sign. Though not good in taste how do you move into mass killing and white guys with guns strapped to ones side? I do get perplexed sometimes making a comment here, rolls eyes and heads to bed!


How did you move into Black Panthers with night sticks? We were talking about a dumb act of someone hiding behind a costume, right?


I think the race bating started with the comment in the article.

"He isn't necessarily a member of the Ku Klux Klan; he just acts like one, wearing a different sort of hood to hide his identity."

I also commented earlier in the article that "If we believe in evolution then the ape is everyone's daddy"


I am so sick of the term "race baiting". You can't say anything anymore without being called a race baiter. Ridiculous! Where did we all come from? How did we get here. I don't know but I bet we all got here the same way.

The guy acted like a racist IMO!


"The guy acted like a racist IMO!"

I agree with that comment, partially, he may also just not like the president and found his way to express it.

As for way to much use of a phrase, can we replace "right wingnut too"


Really Matt, drink some more of that koolaide. Your commentary's suck


KoolAid is spelled without an "e". "Commentaries" is not a possessive form of the word; your version was misspelled and added an unnecessary apostrophe. A comma should have been added after the word "really". Your grasp of the English language sucks.


What Koolaide are you referring to? The Bill of Rights?


Ya gotta read the ENTIRE Bill of Rights... try the 13th and 14th amendments to begin.

...and it's good to know your kind never again will shout "unpatriotic" when some group burns a flag.

By the way...

It's about the DILDO and the lewd and lascivious acts involved using the DILDO!

What if you found out, Matt, it was RV in the suit with the DILDO?


Maybe this has already been addressed. But what if the guy turns out to be black?


Re: "Many whites actually believed God created white people, and other people were descended from apes."

@ Mr. Westerhold:

Who believes this? Source?

According to the Nation of Islam, through eugenics, whites were created by Yakub.

"After 600 years of this deliberate eugenics, the white race was created."

Source: Wiki, "Yakub (Nation of Islam)"


Wiki.... wow!
And in Indiana and Ohio for decades before 1861, Blacks were counted and taxed with the other livestock as apes. (Source: State tax records and assessment records). As late as 40 years ago the Assessor was an elected position and came to your house/farm to count livestock, crops, check on changes to the structure - all for tax purposes.


"And in Indiana and Ohio for decades before 1861,"

Mr. Westerhold's unsubstantiated statement was made in the past tense.

The story is about a current event.

Disprove what the NOI teaches if you disagree. I await your documentation.


Sad thing is, it was a black man wearing the suit! Now think about that!


And you know that how? Read it on Wiki?


Well let's think hard! How would one find out the skin color of the person? Maybe by sight!???!! Duh!