Racist free speech

Matt Westerhold
Jun 7, 2014

The man wearing the gorilla costume in downtown Sandusky during Ohio Bike Week on Thursday, carrying a sign that stated “Obama's real daddy,” isn't necessarily a racist.

He just acts like one.

He isn't necessarily a member of the Ku Klux Klan; he just acts like one, wearing a different sort of hood to hide his identity.

The man in the gorilla costume, which was adorned with a dildo hanging just below the waist, doesn't necessarily have some sort of penis envy; the appendage might just have been handy, from a private collection of virtual penises.

Gorilla man probably believes he is not a racist; he might not be associated with the KKK; he might not be suffering penis envy.

Instead, he might say he was simply exercising his First Amendment right to free speech by depicting President Obama as the son of a gorilla. The First Amendment gives him the right to express himself — anonymously — hidden behind a gorilla mask, or a white hood.

If that's the case — that he doesn't believe he's racist — then he's a racist who doesn't know he's a racist.

He doesn't know how offensive the suggestion is that a man is the son of a gorilla.

He doesn't know the history how ignorant people just like him — for the better part of history — depicted blacks as having tails. Many whites actually believed God created white people, and other people were descended from apes.

It's a belief many whites shared, as well as a trait many still have: A superiority complex.

Gorilla man is a holdover from that history. He probably watches biased television news coverage produced by people who share that superiority complex, and, like him, are ignorant of their own ignorance.

He probably doesn't believe in global warming; thinks President Obama was born in Kenya; called Obama a traitor for not securing the release of a POW, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; and called him a traitor again after he secured Bergdahl's release.

Free speech: Even people plagued with a superiority complexes and penis envy have a right to it; even ignorant people have a right to it.

But it's a two-way street. Some readers who commented under the article at sanduskyregister.com showed their matching ignorance to the gorilla man, while others took him to task.

"What is wrong with some people and why bring it to bike week?” one commenter wrote. “(He) must have a brain the size of peanut.”

Another commenter stated: “This ignorant low IQ moron just got his or her five minutes of fame. Probably waited all year for it.”

But the offensiveness of the gorilla's useless protest aside, there is a reason free speech is important, according to another reader who posted a comment.

“The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees free speech, it does not say 'if it doesn't offend you.' Freedom is never free, but to deny free speech, no matter how offensive, is a right that we must defend,” one commenter posted. “While I find his protest offensive, as an American, I will defend his right to speak."




Oh no Mr. Westerhold, come on now. You're calling him racist, so your assuming he doesn't believe in man made global warming? So in your opinion, people who question the theory of man made global warming reported by the government are racists? (Cough cough...Al gore said all our Northern polar icecaps would be melted this year...cough cough)

Bottom Line

And the audacity of some people who actually believe this newspaper and it's editor DON'T openly lean left. With no apologies.

From the Grave

So, are we all racists for not protesting our presence in the Middle East, because we assume that everyone in those countries is a potential terrorist?
How about Chief Wahoo? If just one Native American feels that it's racist, isn't that enough to change the mascot/logo?
I still say it's Clarence Beeks...

From the Grave

I'm just proud to live in a time when we are ONLY openly negative toward: gay people, native Americans, the elderly, women and children, Asians, Middle Easterners, Jews, and anyone that wants to protect our environment(so that we continue to have a plane to live on).
What a great time to be an American!

Bottom Line

I just will never get over how liberals constantly try to preach they are all about tolerance and acceptance. Until the minute you disagree with them then you're automatically a racist or sexist. Which is why it's so difficult to have an intelligent discussion with most of them. Unreal.

Peachy Keen

You can say the same for BOTH sides of the political spectrum. It seems nowadays that NO ONE can accept the fact that people are allowed to have differing opinions than their own.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

For what it's worth, Peachy, many of the Gen-Xers/Millenials are pretty sick and tired of Mom Party and Dad Party fighting. Unfortunately until we can have a States' Convention to put term limits on Congress we literally have to wait until they die before the problems these rancorous opponents have created over a literal lifetime can be solved.

Have faith that there are reasonable, intelligent young people out there. As soon as the braying of donkeys and trumpeting of elephants ceases its cacophony those strong voices of the human species will be heard more clearly.


Amen. The real battle is class warfare. Racism is just a diversion that both sides love to hang onto. The lower classes fighting for scraps like stray dogs why the real masters have their way with the world.

Along the lines of what HZ said, the Millenials have their work cut out for them. Don't be surprised when they start making the hard choices we should have made 40 years ago.


We liberals don't call people racist because they disagree with us. We call them racist when they do or say racist things. Wearing a gorilla costume with the president's name on it qualifies.

We find it difficult to have an intelligent discussion with someone who does something obviously racist/offensive, yet who has absolutely no clue that they did something that all Americans should abhor. That is the unifying thread with Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling and their kind, isn't it?

The Big Dog's back


Bottom Line

The same Donald Sterling who contributed endless donations to democratic candidates for decades? The same who had received an award from the NAACP? Who was due to receive another?


Yeah,. One and the same. That's why the NAACP withdrew a second award. Money is a great gorilla suit behind which to hide one's racism.

What if it was Ricky Vitte in the costume? It's the DILDO folks.

Matt Westerhold

*Like* Freethinker's comment. 


Matt, you equate a goofball in a monkey suit acting racist with those watching "biased news", people with penis envy and people that don't believe in global warming. Very "tolerant" of you. Somehow it's ok to stereotype if you are a liberal but appalling if you are not. Are we to suggest that Obama supporters are free loading lazy people living off govt handouts, homosexuals, union thugs, academic types that "envy" those that can make it in the real world, and wimpy losers? Of course not....coughallofthemcough....just as absurd as your comments.

The most racist comment I've heard in Sandusky came from a person with an Obama AND Democratic bumper sticker on her vehicle. Me thinks she put those there for the same reason someone calls themselves "freethinker".


I could careless about free speech racism or any of that crap but once a person shows their hand Someone like me and others see more than meets the eye. So since he wore a Gorilla Suit claiming to look like President Obama's Daddy what he also forgot that it also gives the imagine that this Man Momma with is not of color sleep with an animal and boy o boy see folks this Man is only part I repeat Part BLACK.



The Big Dog's back

I failed to see the sign for him protesting global warming, or anything for that matter.


But you did see the opportunity to divide people enough that your idiot president and his admin can get another 6 months of lies out of it..




Why is it we try to paint everything with a "racist" paint brush. Funny how the dark skinned people can call light skinned people cracker, etc. and dark skinned people can call each other the "N" word and that's ok. But it seems anything a light skinned person says about a dark skinned person is twisted and turned around to be racist. I am so tired of this. This guy was just stupid, not ignorant. Ignorance is something you can educate someone out of but stupidity is not. The stupid just stay stupid because they do not want to know any differently. Stupid is as stupid does!


Why the assumption the costume disguised
A) a non-Caucasian
B) a male

How do we know it wasn't a member of the SR staff creating news?

Dwight K.

Someone seems to have gotten the attention they wanted...


... or the story.


If you have allready determined weather or not you are going to take a liberal or a conservitive stand on a issue before researching it and making your self knowledgeable of the issue at hand, and you are just siding with your party or your friends from fear of how they will look at you, you are just as ignorant, and blind as the rest of these idiots. Every issue and situation is different. We live in a world that is many shades of grey, and nothing is black and white. Wake up people! Think for yourself, and do what is right. We have to many followers and not enough leaders


Did it ever occur to you, matt westerhold that perhaps he did it for nothing more than the attention he received?


If this guy was truly a racist and making his dislike for obama known, wouldnt he have been doing this prior to bike week? Instead, he waits till he has an audience of thousands of people O.o


My point, ignore him. Dont give him the attention he so desperately wants..he will eventually give up and go bug people with something else.

JT Adams St

Matt got this one exactly right. As for the people who suggest that the Register should have ignored this incident, I'm embarrassed to say that I've spent a lifetime ignoring this kind of behavior. In spite of the fact that I've spent the last 40 years acting like a coward and pretending not to hear offensive comments, ignorant people keep making them.


The story would have been complete without the photo

But not sensational enough for Matt.

If an ape exposing a DILDO in the presence of hundreds of children is free speech, then a man showing porn to one boy ALSO may be free speech.

But no one is upset about a representation of an erect penis - and women coming up to fondle it. Yeah, Sandusky, y'all are real cool.

And once again Matt gets it wrong.


...and theyre going to keep making them. Youll never stop people like this. The register shouldnt have ignored it, just report on it once and then drop it. Its like little kids, if you laugh at their bad behavior theyll continue..if you ignore them, theyll stop