Thanks for nothing

Matt Westerhold
May 4, 2014


Like a prizefighter throwing a fight, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will take a fall this week when his office presents evidence to a grand jury in the death of Craig Burdine at the Sandusky County Jail in 2007.

It will be the third grand jury presentation in Sandusky County for DeWine during his first term as attorney general. And it will be the third one in which DeWine's prosecutors present selected information to grand jurors to get the result they want: A finding of no wrongdoing.

DeWine just wants to get the hell out of Sandusky County.

His prosecutors and investigators don't care a whit about what happened to Craig Burdine, or what happened to his family or the families of more than a half-dozen other victims at the hands of a law enforcement community in Sandusky County with incompetent leadership that some residents have called corrupt.

DeWine has become part of the problem.

His prosecutors tipped their hand and telegraphed their intentions right from the start after DeWine agreed in August to conduct a criminal investigation.

And they're following the same path Fremont police and the sheriff went down all those years ago: They're ignoring the victim and protecting law enforcement.

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Move along, nothing to see here.

The Fremont police and the Sandusky County Sheriff never conducted a criminal investigation after Craig Burdine died, although it appears they pretended to do that.

It took Jess Burdine six years to finally get a criminal investigation into what he says is the obvious and overwhelming evidence a jail guard caused his son's death and police, the sheriff and jail officials conspired to cover it up.

It's difficult to disagree with that conclusion given the information Jess Burdine and his family were able to collect and present to DeWine. The Fremont police and the sheriff have yet to give any plausible explanations for the multiple mistakes made when Craig Burdine was arrested Aug. 11, 2007.

How dare the Burdines, and the other families, even ask, is the attitude they've shown.

But there are too many mistakes and too many inconsistencies to list. The singular fact they refused to conduct a legitimate investigation after Burdine died at the jail after being dragged inside already suffering massive injuries, seems to be all the indication of intention needed.

The police officers and jail guards involved all said Burdine was being combative, but surveillance video shows he was barely conscious.

Sheriff's Capt. Sean O'Connell said he conducted a “thorough investigation” after Burdine died, but he didn't.

He told Jess Burdine, Craig's father, he would get to the bottom of it, but he wouldn't.

Lucas County deputy coroner Cynthia Beisser ruled Craig Burdine died a sudden death at his own hand, but he didn't.

DeWine's spokesman Dan Teirney said a civil lawsuit that was dismissed showed it would be difficult to prove any criminal charges, but it doesn't.

After DeWine took over his lead prosecutor, Matt Donahue, told the Burdine family the statutes of limitations would make it difficult to press criminal charges, but they don't.

Donahue told Jess Burdine he waited too long to ask for an investigation, but Jess has been asking for one from the very start. He's been asking for one for more than six years.

DeWine said he would conduct a legitimate criminal investigation, but he hasn't.

The grand jury is only going to hear what DeWine and Donahue want it to hear, and grand jurors won't return any indictments.

Jess Burdine and his family, and the families of so many other victims won't get justice from the Ohio Attorney General.

They might never get justice.

Hello, U.S. Justice Department?


The Register has reported the difficulties numerous families have experienced with Sandusky County officials and has discussed those concerns with Attorney General DeWine in detail, asking questions families have raised. Click on the links below to read more. 




Crooks dislike solid reporting.
Watch rear view mirror;)


Watch out DeWine and Sandusky county officials elections are coming up. Show up at rally Tuesday thru Friday 8 - 9 .3 - 5. Let DeWine and Sandusky county officials know you have had enough. Register will be there so will I. Time for accountability in Sandusky county.


I can't believe I find myself agreeing with Matt in this case. Dewine is a polictical hack. When in the US Senate he was one of the ten most anti-gun Senators and wanted to restrict the right to bear arms to single shot rifles and shotguns. He lost his Senate race to Portman due mainly to the growing gun owners vote. Now 450,000 CCW holders alone. He then changed his clothes and became progun inviting Buckeye Firearms members to his home for a weenee roast. Now he sells his soul to large voting block of law enforcment, when they are obviouly in the wrong. He is a politcal Ho. Matt if your waiting for criminal gun running, comtempt of Congress, work place violence, Attorney General Holder to act you will die holding your breath.


Laker1 I did not read your post before I placed mine on this forum. THANK YOU, I have forgotten a lot about this slippery demon!
Its ALL about MiKE.


Please Sign & Share the petition that the families have created since Mike DeWine will not Stand Up for Ohio Families not alone Protect them!


Im so glad you see it as it is, Matt.
DeWine isn't much different than the serpent in the Garden of Eden, slithering around and using his conning words to convince the INNOCENT people that he's a great guy and he's looking out for THEM, now I believe him to almost enjoy throwing those he claims to represent under the bus! Seems he usually files or represents the victims for the minimum charges possible concerning criminal cases. Is this possibly due to an egotistical and arrogant personality? Seems he wants the headlines to read "A.G wins!" and not "A.G. gets half of what he wanted", allowing him to say to the reporters “Our team worked hard and we got EVERYTHING we fought for”, well, yes you will Mike if you go after things like parking tickets instead of MURDER! It seems to be ALL about Mike’s image even if it means no justice for the victims or society, I feel he MOCKS the very word, JUSTICE. It also seems that this attitude helps his office get back to what they enjoy doing, collecting taxes and collections. Am I the only one who feels DeWine considers nasty fights in the courts to cost too much and take too much effort?

I voted for him in every election, but now I see him as he really is, a RINO, an opportunist and one who does the minimum possible for the victims, and my dealings with him have caused me to believe him to be 'legally' deceptive, stretching his authority to the line but never crossing over. I won't bore you with the details but I can say that I being a victim of a crime was treated with no respect by DeWines office and I ended up paying the bills of my injuries due in part by his behind the scene slithering with the Good Old Boys.

I campaigned for him every time he ran and now I feel like I worked for the Devil himself, we could have used Daniel Webster at the last election!

Ralph J.

High five to Matt. Keep after them Matt. Republican Mike DeWine chose Democrat Dan Kasaris to be the Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General. Kasaris assisted the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor and most of us are aware of how corrupt Cuyahoga County is. Republicans and Democrats are both in bed together. Vote them all out!


The new Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy McGinty wanted no part of Kasaris as he was too political and not about justice. McGinty has a policy unlike his predecessor Bill Mason (who like Kasaris was asleep and claims to have missed all the county corruption involving mostly Democrats on his watch) that prohibits assistant prosecutors from holding a second public office. Kasaris is a councilman in North Royalton, Ohio.

As we've seen DeWine has no problems with placing politics above justice and some connected people needed Kasaris to be protected with a state job as no decent private law firm would hire him.

Ralph J.

DeWine is a liar. Vote his butt out. Stop electing career politicians

Julie R.

I didn't know DeWine chose Dan Kasaris to be the Senior Assistant Ohio Attorney General. Wasn't Dan Kasaris from Cuyahoga County involved with the rest of the corrupt old snakes from Erie & Ottawa County in the case against Elsebeth Baumgartner?

Ralph J.



Yes. Kasaris was trained by Kevin Baxter and worked in Erie County and Norwalk before heading to Cuyahoga County.

Ralph J.

DeWine has been sucking off the public teet since he was 25. DeWine needs to be removed from office now by recall.

Ralph J.

I could not find a way to recall DeWine because Ohio lacks a way to recall state elected officials.


It's by impeachment through the Ohio General Assembly or by the general removal statutes 3.07 et seq.


When is this demonic liar up for re election?

Darwin's choice

Another notable republican....!

my oh my