Colored people marching

Matt Westerhold
Jan 6, 2014


“They're marching, Charles,” my mother told my father in one of the earliest exchanges between them I can recall.

“Who's marching?” he asked.

“The colored people.”

The venue was downtown Sandusky, a central shopping district in the mid-1960s. The cause was the civil rights movement. The march likely occurred around 1968, perhaps after Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination.

Referring to blacks as colored people was standard language; it wasn't offensive. By the 1970s, however, the words “blacks” or “African Americans” had replaced the term in common usage.

Other words to describe blacks and practices designed to oppress minorities were common in the period, and before then even harsher words and harsher practices were employed.

In the mid-60s it was also pretty standard to hear Polack jokes (making fun of people from Poland), jokes about blacks, women and supposed humor about Jewish people, people with developmental disabilities or physical handicaps. It was all pretty standard fare, but society changed, and by practice, effectively outlawed public displays of bad humor.

There was “white Philco” in Sandusky where white people were employed to build radio tubes and later television tubes, and there was “black Philco,” where blacks worked doing the same thing at the same wage.

The segregated factories represented considerable progress for civil rights, jobs and equal opportunity for blacks. Most people alive today don't even know it was that way, or what it meant or how racism and prejudice challenged the lives of those in the minority in those days.

Change is generational. That seemed obvious on Friday as a reporter Andy tracked down a story about a Norwalk councilman's racist email he forwarded to some city officials and friends. The email, with spelling and grammatical errors, is presented as if written by African-Hispanic school girl telling about winning a spelling bee.

“I gots a 47 percent on the spelin text and 38 points for being black, 10 points for not bringin drugs to class, 10 points for not bringin guns to class, and 15 points for not getting pregnut during the cemester. It be hard to beat a score of 12 percent,” the email reads, in part.

“In hindsight, I can see how it can be interpreted as racist... but that wasn’t my intent when I sent it. I thought it was humorous,” Carleton told the Register.

That's a straight-up answer. He simply did not see how offensive the email is and saw humor in it rather than discerning how it demeans others. In hindsight, it seemed Carleton really wanted to take another look and understand how he could have misinterpreted the email, or found it funny.

It will be interesting to learn how that turns out and whether it will reflect the same view from some some city officials who already weighed in with their thoughts.

“It's unacceptable. It was a poor choice,” first-term mayor Rob Duncan reacted.

“I was shocked,” city law director Stuart O'Hara said. “I didn’t care for the joke, if that’s what it was suppose to be.”



@ Mr. Westerhold:

You may want to ask the following questions of those on your staff (including yourself):

Have you EVER used the "N" word?

Have you EVER lied?


Re: "it seemed Carleton really wanted to take another look and understand how he could have misinterpreted the email, or found it funny."

i.e. Mr. Carleton is a "thought criminal."

"The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in." - "Nineteen Eighty-Four"

Let the political purges begin.

The Big Dog's back

If he would have kept it to himself instead of passing it on to people in the office you might have a valid point. But he did and you don't have a valid point.


Re: "But he did and you don't have a valid point."

And you've NEVER forwarded or written ANYTHING that could be even remotely construed as racist, sexist, homophobic, religious or ethnically insensitive?

Sanctimoniousness has reached putrid levels - my point.

The Big Dog's back

Not to co-workers.

Dr. Information

Contango did you get the memo. If its not a work, it AIN't be racist.


I really have no major problems with the e mail itself but Carleton should know better and be better simply because of who he is. You cannot deny that pooh!!!!!!!


You really have a problem if you think a politician should be better than his constituents. If you believe that gov't is made up of "we the people". Sending it on was stupid. Why it was stupid is many things. Depends on what you are most offended by, most scared by, or think you can make a political point by stating. It was stupid for many reasons, depending on the reader, as to which it was, to them. We all have different priorities and levels of tolerance, as has been shown by everyone's response. I think it was stupid for many reasons. Almost as stupid as clinging to one single reason being the only or main reason.


Nobody is calling Carleton a "criminal", but his conduct (sending racially demeaning "jokes") is clearly detrimental to his job (for which he was elected by his community to perform) to represent his constituents.

He betrayed the trust of his community and he should be called out for it. The whole "Oh, it was only a joke!" routine is not an acceptable excuse for the disgusting remarks made by a public official. Hopefully the SR and the citizens of Norwalk continue to call him out.

Contango has repeatedly called into question the character of the SR and its employees and I'm struggling to see how that is relevant to the issue at hand.

Darwin's choice

So, by your logic, Obama has betrayed the trust of the people, lying through his teeth,etc, so.....thats ok with you??

Whenever you want to start proceedings for getting rid of him, speak up!


That was bush. Ask the families of the soldiers dead from the Iraq war. So by you logic by her s betrayel of trust that's ok with you. You obviously make bad choices.


"Change is generational."

Yes, Matt you are correct. My grandfather was raised with segregation. My father was raised with a tolerance. I was raised with an understanding. My children were raised to be colorblind. My grandchildren don't see color at all.

On the other hand, this generational change is not always positive. I was raised that if you didn't work you had no food, clothing, home and money. My kids generation expects the government to provide for them. God only knows what the future will be for my grandkids.


Sprinkles, do you really think parents tell their kids "relax Timmy, you don't need an education or a job, the government will take care of you"? Your grandfather being raised in segregation, your father raised with tolerance just doesn't jive. Segregation was about more than just separate restrooms and it was those that were being oppressed that were EXTREMELY tolerant. Kids of today do think they are entitled to what YOU have earned and they expect to get it from you because of the way they were raised. All of our grandkids will have to create the future they desire.

Dr. Information

Yes deer they do. Google and youtube would be your friend.


If that is your source for information you are just sad!


Explain why kids raised on welfare tend to remain on welfare? My 17 year old niece couldn't understand why I didn't just go get food stamps. "Why do you use your cash for groceries. My mom just uses her food card." That is the mentality of the youth today. They only know what they see. And trash tends to run with trash so all her friends parents have food stamps as well.


It appears your family is ghetto fabulous.



Yes, I do believe some generational entitlement families live under the notion that it's the government's responsibility to support them.

My kids don't believe they are entitled to what I have. They were raised that their life was not my responsibility. They are self sufficient and responsible adults.

My premise in regards to color was that through generations the general attitude has changed for the better. Do you agree or disagree?


In regards to color, I agree but it really hasn't changed that much. I know some believe that because our President is black, things are all good now but in reality things have gotten worse. It is what it is and Black people know this!


I agree things have gotten worse since we got our president. It's about time the Kool aid wore off!



So you agree there has been change? It's just not at the speed you wish? What would make you a happy camper?


Please don't put words in my mouth! I have no wish. It is what it is!!!!!!!!!



Always disagreeing with me, but when ask, you offer no opinion how to make it better.

So with your philosophy of "It is what it is" than you should have had no problem with segregation in the 1960's and having it remain the same today.

I expected more of you.


Like I said. Please don't put words in my mouth. That is so right wing of you. Life in America TODAY is what it is. I can't change how anyone feels. However, in regards to segregation, I can change the way that makes me feel if I had been affected by it. I don't feel that minorities are outright oppressed but the struggle continues. Unless you have walked in an oppressed persons shoes you are not qualified to judge or act as if you know what is in one's mind. You love the word generational. Oppression is also generational subtle or not.


Please list the people that are oppressed? Are we talking oppression by nationality? color? wealth? Bet I fit under one of your list as I grew up. Let see.

Oppression is generational. That was my point in regards to my family.


Get off your lazy Rear and be a part of society


Deer tracker it's that more an more whites are tired of the white guilt and the cry of racism almost every time something goes wrong in the black community. We want the blacks to take the plank out their eye and start holding their own accountable. Blacks have every chance to be successful but it's about accountability and personal choices. White America is tired of helping out all the other ppl in the world, for what? So you can keep complaining and complaining about how and the white man is so bad. How about the blacks stop depending on the whites so much and focus on their own. I'll tell you why because it's so much easier to cry and complain and have everything handed over. The blacks have never had it so good and it's nothing they have done on their own it's what the white man has given them if it's so bad move to Africa and get back with me on how bad you have it, then you'll realize how your own sold you into slavery. Complain complain cry cry that's what most African Americans are all about. Stop the crying and work harder think better. It's you that are holdng yourself back. If we went back to segregation we'd really see how far the blacks would go. NOWHERE.

The Big Dog's back

Coming out of lily white huron county. There isn't even a black ant in Utopia county. Racism will never die with people like you.


Exactly what I was thinking! Sad part is Huron is in Erie County.


I'm glad most people in Huron don't think like this one.


Nor with people like you Doggy!!


So you are saying that certain people are lazy and essentially worthless because of the color of their skin? And that they owe whatever limited success they have now, to the ethnic group of which you belong?

Are you familiar with the term "White Privilege"?


Those are your words not mine!


nor will it with people like you...using the phrase "lily white" proves your character. (If I made a comment that "hey it starts getting pretty dark over by East 93rd and Reno; I would be a racist.) You think there are no black racists or hate mongers, better get out of your basement.


Another chance to promote racism. I am going to protest outside the miss black american beauty contest. The only time racism enters my thoughts is when I read them. That is some peoples goal

The Big Dog's back

So what huronguy wrote really must have struck a nerve then.


You are to coward.


If stupid people didn't act stupid there would be NO jokes like that to pass on. The girl in the joke is all too common and real. Deny it race baiters, deny it.


So what's your excuse stupid. You come on here with your racist bs a lot.


The joke is not funny and makes no sense. People in general do not speak like that.


The way I see it there's the blacks that marched for civil and human right and there's the whites that don't care for blacks or their situation. It's been proven time and time again in these comments. Why don't whites and blacks physically fight it out? May the best people win in 2014.

Raoul Duke

A Polack, an Eyetalian, a colored guy, and a regular American walk into a bar...

AJ Oliver

Back when the quota for ALL good jobs was 100% white and male, how many whites complained (Answer, very few)? It was not that long ago, and in fact much discrimination in hiring still goes on. That's your white privilege. That being said, all people are responsible for their bahavior, and for doing the best that they can with what they have.


Re: "It was not that long ago, and in fact much discrimination in hiring still goes on."


The growth of industrial unions and the concept of a minimum wage were white responses to southern blacks heading north looking for work during the Great Migration.

The North may have freed the slaves, but then they largely "dropped the ball" and then set up discriminatory programs and policies.


That's your perception pooh. Unions were not created to appease Blacks. The programs you speak of were set up to help those that had been and were being treated unfairly.


Re: "Unions were not created to appease Blacks."

Thanks for helping to make my point about the original discriminatory nature of unions.

Besides, go ahead and raise the min. wage to $15/hr. for fast food workers. Who do you think will be the racial group most affected by layoffs?

The Big Dog's back

Same old dumb analogy. Factless, hate based.


Thanks for making my point about generational oppression!


Re: "generational oppression!"

Agree. The seniors have been and are currently stealing from the youth through Soc. Security, Medicare, Medicaid and now through Obamanationcare.

All govt. does is spread poverty, while the politicians get rich.


Sounds like Obamas theories, equal everything for everyone! No matter how much effort you put into bettering your life, we got your food and healthcare covered! Be a lazy sit at home do nothing and get everything! You are a idiot.


"THEY'RE marching". They are marching, instead of there are people marching? Is that not racist? Coloreds not offensive? Colored restrooms, coloreds to the back of the bus, etc.? Come on Mat, I grew up in the same neighborhood as you.


Mr. Westerhold writes:

"Reporter Andy tracked down a story about a Norwalk councilman's racist email he forwarded to some city officials and friends."

@ Mr. Westerhold:

Correction. It should read:

A racist email that was forwarded by a Norwalk councilman to some city officials and friends.

Reads less inflammatory eh?

Now, who forwarded the email to Mr. Carleton? And who emailed it to them? Follow the thread, ad infinitum.

You're leaving change on the table. Hunt down the original scofflaw in our midst!

The body politic must be purged, cleansed and purified!


Huh. I typed in the first couple words of the questionable email on Google and came up with 1,920 results.

In my brief search, the oldest one was from Jul. 29, 2008.

If anything in this regard, Mr. Carleton is 'guilty' of promulgating an OLD hackneyed email.

@ SR:

Did you not originally print the email in full?

How is it that Mr. Ouriel and the SR are not equally culpable in promoting and spreading racism?

The Big Dog's back

Good old southern thinking. If my neighbor lynched somebody, it's OK for me to do it too.


"It should read." No - it was right. It is just you & Bob must think alike. That's the problem. hint - since you know so much, start your own paper


More on the Google search:

Found a facsimile of the "joke" about "the bess speler in class."

The fictional author was a "Kenesha LaTeesha Williams."

It was on " Community" (July 25, 2009)

Who knew that there were racists in the military?


if you think racism is gone and children are colorblind think again!!! my 4 yr old granddaughter came home and told the story of being mistreated at school by 2 girls in her class. I was horrified that they pulled her hair ,which now she will only wear it straightened no more curls,they tore her clothes, she had to sit alone to eat lunch, no one would sit by her. she sat alone on one side of the lunch table my little tiny beautiful granddaughter didn't know that people are mean because she has always been treated like a princess. she was in that class because she is so smart she was going to go straight to 1st grade skipping kindergarten. her parents are educated, well dressed, and well spoken but it doesn't matter because her skin is darker than the other girls. god bless the little girl in the 2nd grade that stopped the bullys from pushing her off the playground equipment. after several complaints to the teacher that nothing was done about these 2 girls my granddaughter was withdrawn from the school and is happy where she is now. who taught those girls to mistreat children with different skin?


Racism is a learned behavior yet some insist things are "all good" now!


Generational entitlement is a learned behavior.



The Big Dog's back

Sad, but it's getting worse instead of better. Just look at some of the right wing posters on here, many who have children and grandchildren. Do they think their children and grandchildren don't see them?


"Actually a bunch (of) Stone Age right wingnuts wrote the Old Testament."

- brutus smith, Sept. 10, 2010

Yea, Dog's NEVER been racially, ethnically OR religiously bigoted. lol.

Have a nice day Cupcake.

thinkagain's picture

Godless liberals raising lazy children with no morals is the greatest pox on our society.


The way I see it there's the blacks that marched for civil and human right and there's the whites that don't care for blacks or their situation. It's been proven time and time again in these comments. Why don't whites and blacks physically fight it out? May the best people win in 2014.


In 1964 President Johnson started the war on poverty.

In 50 years, the federal government has spent over $20 trillion dollars trying to eradicate the problem. That number is federal funds only and does not include SS or Medicaid.

We now have over 100 million people in this country receiving some form of government assistance. It works out to about $10,000 per person each year, man, woman or child.

Money hasn't solved the problem. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

A restructuring of our education system, the bottleneck of our civil society. What we teach, where, and when could use an overhaul since we are no longer an agrarian nor manufacturing society. Only a few who don't already have the means to bypass that choke point break out of the institution with a meaningful grasp of life that will lead to success (which is something that can never be given). Maybe this is something I can blog about...


The United States of America is almost dead. The only racial problem is the one that is being created by the racist people . My daughter has a fellow African American student member in M.H.S. that is involved in drugs and other things. He claims that the reason my daughter won’t go out with him, as well as other girls in the school is because she and they are racist. She told him it’s due to the fact that he’s into drugs and the wrong crowd. She won’t go out white guys on drugs, or smokers, or tobacco chewers, or any that he no inking about what a moral gentleman is. But now she’s a racist. Does he get special treatment because of his skin color? I was baptized in an African American church of Christ right there in Sandusky on East Parrish Street. My hero was and still is Reggie Jackson. I like Charley Pride. But now I have this little prejudiced daughter. Well, let me tell you. The media and the government is starting to win. With 70 percent of the bad crimes shown on the news being committed by African Americans like the one where a son, daughter and Dad were killed the other day, and the supposed anger of the African American community and kids being directed at children like my daughter…well, it’s starting to make me in fact, a racist. Because bad is good and good is bad, I’m finding a line of confusion in my mind that makes me say, to heck with it all. Lock the doors and load the gun, and if there’s a man in the yard and he’s an African American, and it’s not Reggie Jackson or Charlie Pride, there’s a 70 percent chance he’s evil, according to what I’m being taught now days. And it’s too bad that I have to be afraid to go visit my sisters and brothers in the church of Christ because either they or their young kin are being brainwashed into believing I am bad because I am white. And the sad thing is, I am feeling the same. Thanks America!

Eph 2 8-10

Matt W.
They did not build radio tubes. They built radios, televisions, and stereo record players. And, yes there were two plants in the 1940's and 1950's. The blacks only plant was on Warren Street.