Sandusky County's finest

Matt Westerhold
Dec 19, 2013

Attorney Dean Henry says he's not making a fuss. 

"I'm not complaining, Matt,” he told me in a recent email.

Really? It sure feels that way. 

Here's some recent commentary directed at the Register, and me, from Henry, who represents Sandusky County Coroner John Wukie, the man who believes suicide can be accidental.


“You have to stop making things up, Matt.”

“Did you sleep through Ethics class in Journalism?”

“You're a blowhard.”

“You conjured it from thin air.”

“You screwed up again.”

“You're an amateur, Matt.”

“My characterization of you as a poor editor and writer who doesn’t really give a damn about the truth is right on target.”

“You're just making things up.”

“(Reporter) Emil Whitis made that up.”

“You could easily prove me wrong, Matt.”

"Absolute bullshit.  Are you making this up, as well?"

"You’re lying and you’re busted lying."

“You’re just going to have to suck it up and be a man.”


I've attempted to address each of his concerns, but try as I might, I don't seem to be getting through to him. 



How unprofessional of a supposedly educated man. If he thought his client (Wookie) was correct in his actions (or inactions), then no one or nothing should be able to get under his skin, like a tenacious reporter doing his job. Good job, Matt.


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@ Mr. Westerhold:

Nice out of context hatch job.

"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is" - Bill Clinton

Matt Westerhold

The best meaning for the word "is" might be "it exists." 


Re: "The best (snip)"

AGAIN, it depends on the context.

(I wrote that slow for the possibility of improved comprehension.)

Wonderful scent to your dirty laundry.


No, you wrote it slow because YOU are slow. It's the Kessler's pooh! That scent is your clean laundry!!!!!

John Harville

Contango... No. You wrote it slowLY.
Bad grammar ALWAYS destroys even unoriginal sarcasm.


Why dont you put up the whole email? That way everyone can read it and form an unbiased opinion.

Matt Westerhold

I considered that approach. But the emails are nauseating, repetitive, unwieldy and there are more than 30 of them. The way this blog post was developed was an attempt to keep it simple. I don't believe I've been rude, impolite or done any name calling in my responses to Mr. Henry's inquiries. I have attempted to thoroughly, completely and fairly address each one, despite the aggressive and confrontational nature of those inquiries.


Well i am sure as an unbiased editor you would not mind putting them up. I would like to read them to see the context in which these "statements" were said.


Does that even matter?! Henry said these things regardless of what Mr Westerhold asked or said. Matt could have called him a pompous ass (he would have been correct), but it was up to Henry on how he REACTED to the statements or questions. He would have been better off not saying anything- but obviously, Mr Westerhold got to him. Was Henry's responses intentional or an accident, mean, suicide?
Another thing that intrigues me, why do you people read the SR if you are so opposed to the editor and the paper's contents? I find that amusing.


Im not opposed to the opinion section. But before you post literally about 3 sentences of what he said out of 30 pages of emial as matt states. So if you want to make it an article about what he said and how henry is an a** give out the emails so people can see it. All the justice for jake followers want people to hate this guy. Give them a reason besides 3 sentences chopped out of 30 pages of email.


Those 'replies' were sufficient enough proof to drive home the point that this guy is an insensitive moron. As a J4JE supporter, I am not in the business of trying to get others to 'hate this guy'- that's up to the educated individual. Integrity, justice, and doing the right thing is what is on my agenda.


Re: "But the emails are nauseating, repetitive, unwieldy and there are more than 30 of them."

You know the joke -

As the grizzled, old newspaper editor said to the wet-behind-the-ears cub reporter:

If YOUR mother says that she loves you - check it out.

Trust me? Yea, OK.


Matt, you could link to them, so those who want context can have it.


Congratulations Mr. Henry and thank you Mr. Westerhold you got views shared by many printed in this newspaper without being banned.


Well put matt. You put up the main points up.


Newsflash to Matt: The Limberios story is not about you.

If Dean Henry was sending you a private email, it should remain private. This story was over 24 hours after Mike DeWine's announcement, and trying to squeeze continued public interest out of a manufactured dispute between you and Henry demeans the good work previously done by The Register.

Let the story, like Jacob Limberios, have some dignity in its demise. It's over.

Matt Westerhold

As a public official writing about the public's business, the emails from Mr. Henry clearly are not a private matter. A court case is still pending and the death certificate has not been changed to reflect Mr. DeWine's findings. Coroner Wukie appears  to continue to believe a suicide can be accidental, which would be a new definition and category in the death registration field if that is found to be an accurate description of the manner of death. The story, unfortunately, isn't over.


Don't look for the death certificate to be changed willingly. If you have ever met or had a conversation with Dr Wukie you know that he is a pompous, arrogant jerk, who believes he is better than everybody else. Try calling him at 2 am to investigate a suspicious death. He will scream and throw a tantrum on the phone, loud enough so even the grieving family can hear him shouting his obscenities, all because you woke him up to do his JOB.


Re: "a suicide can be accidental,"

Can accidental death be ruled a suicide?

Why is the reverse not possible?

Enjoy your p*ssing match.


If it is an accident it is NOT suicide. PERIOD! Snap out of it pooh!

White Owl

Matt, at least one other ME (national credentials) stated there was precedent for a finding of accidental suicide due to the degree of recklessness of Jake's conduct. The Lucas County Coroner's office also agreed.

There are "Terms of Art" in different professional fields that do not have the same meaning in our daily language. I understand your frustration but this one side presentation is unprofessional, as are Henry's statements and doesn't help either one of you.


How do you accidentally kill yourself if you were intending to kill yourself? Explain that to me. What reckless conduct are you referring to? Do you really believe he scratched his head with a loaded gun and it just happened to discharge at that exact moment? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!

Simple Enough II

Well, handeling a handgun knowing it is loaded and pointing it in your own direction with your finger more than likely on the trigger and I would have to assume the hammer drawn back to some degree, doesn't make it sound entirely accidental now does it. There had to be known risk in doing that especially since so many of his friends and family stated over and over what a safe hanldler of handguns he was (contrary to the experts who watched video of him hanldling and firing a handgun).


Did the experts see him scratch his head with the gun? You can't assume the hammer was drawn back. Regardless of how you spin it, unless his INTENT was to kill himself it in no way can be called a suicide!


Did anyone see him not point it at his head?


Look, unless he was shot intentionally, there was lethally irresponsible handling of a loaded firearm by SOMEONE in the room. No matter how you spin and dance around it, that constitutes reckless behavior by the person handling the gun AND by anyone who remains in such a hazardous situation.

I don't have any idea who most directly caused that weapon to discharge, but everyone in the room was guilty of a farm animal level of stupidity to remain in the room where someone was handling a loaded gun in an irresponsible manner. Bullets don't care if you're just goofing around.

John Harville

turfuckenbreath... where do you get the idea an email from a public official to a public official making a comment on a public issue possibly could be private?
The words and phrases are actionable. The entire email forever and always remains the property of the sender - unless one uses a public transport (email, mail, carrier pigeon) to deliver a threat to body or private reputation.


The words are only actionable if made public, but since Matt is the one who made them public, he's limited to suing himself.