Change death certificate

Matt Westerhold
Dec 16, 2013

Sandusky County Coroner John Wukie needs more time. That's what the county's attorney, Dean Henry, told the Register.

“He has not had an opportunity to review the reports from the attorney general,” Henry said. “(The coroner's) investigation is still very much open.”

He has not had the opportunity? … Really?

Nearly 22 months after Jacob Limberios was shot in the head and killed, the coroner who doesn't appear to have investigated much of anything to date, suddenly needs more time to review Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's finding it was an accident?

More time? Really? It's imbecilic, but wait, there's more.

“I haven’t seen anything from the attorney general’s report that suggests anything in error from his original conclusion” Henry said.

Are you blind, man? Are you blind?

An accident is unintentional. Suicide is an intentional, self-inflicted act, according to definitions from the CDC Death Registration Handbook.

Only a lawyer could let those words slip from his mouth and believe them accurate — teasing the language to the point of questioning “what the definition of the word 'is' is?” The good doctor never examined the body, visited the home where Jake was killed or talked with the three people who were with him when it happened.

Henry is the Tiffin attorney appointed by county judges John Dewey and Barbara Ansted as legal counsel to defend the county in a lawsuit filed by Mike and Shannon Limberios. The Limberios family is seeking to force Wukie to correct the death certificate to remove the reference to suicide.

Dean Henry also is the former special criminal prosecutor assigned by the county judges to head up the criminal investigation, after it was already botched-up by Sheriff Kyle Overmyer. Henry was fired from that role, however, by a visiting judge who called out local officials on the obvious conflicts of interest in letting Henry serve as both defense counsel and criminal prosecutor.

It seemed a blatant attempt to “fix things.” It's good it failed.

But Henry remains defense counsel in the lawsuit seeking to change the death certificate, and he picked up right where he left off in June when he was removed as criminal prosecutor, peddling an indefensible defense of the indefensible way the county conducts investigations of Jake's death.

Henry picked it back up right where he died in the road as criminal prosecutor in June, defending Wukie's indefensible “conclusion.” Wukie failed to preform the duties of coroner and his conclusion was wrong — that's documented thoroughly— in DeWine's report that was released weeks ago.

Every command decision made by Sheriff Overmyer was a bad decision, from word go, beginning with the destruction of a lot of physical evidence on the very night Jake was killed.

Attorney Henry and Dr. Wukie might not know the definition of the word “is,” but the meaning is pretty apparent to most. This dynamic duo won't ever be able to reconcile an accident and call it a suicide, and most everyone knows that, too. It's the equivalent of a mathematical impossibility only with words.

That's the drag, now, however, according to Dean Henry, Dr. Wukie needs more time.

The family has deep concerns with problems they see in DeWine's investigation — categorically flawed in critical areas — but the conclusion this was an accident seems to be what most everyone believed from the start, without needing to know who might have been holding the gun when it fired.

Raise the white flag, already. Wukie and Henry need to get real. Give it up. Change the death certificate. Negotiate a settlement and move on.



Julie R.

There appears to be a lot of idiots in Sandusky County, including, but not limited to, idiot judges. They ALL need to be kicked to the curb, right along with Wukie and that court-appointed clown attorney Dean Henry.

Julie R.

The clown attorney Dean Henry says (quote) he hasn't seen anything from the attorney general's report that suggests anything in error from the original conclusion.

Matt Westerhold then says (quote) only a lawyer could let those words slip from his mouth and believe them to be accurate ......

That was toooo funny. The 100% truth, but still funny!


Whats funny is a second rate editor slamming a lawyer that is questionable.


White Owl, you make more sense than most I have seen.


One word from Wookie would have prevented this whole mess. One word from him could close this whole ordeal so people can move on with the healing process. One word, that's all.


Can anyone of you prove jake was holding the gun that shot him. Just cause ag says so is not proof


There is absolutely no evidence that this was a suicide. An accident, yes. Suicide, no. It needs to be changed to accidental self-inflicted gunshot.
And there should be a lawsuit for incompetence in this whole mess.


From the beginning we were told this was only about what they tell his daughter. If the coroner's office does change it's ruling it goes from; he was troubled and took his own life too, he was careless and or reckless causing his own death.



This whole circus boils down to money. No one has proven this to me otherwise.


NONE of this would be happening if Sandusky County did their job from the start. Overmyer botched this and it filtered from there. If you followed from the beginning and read all transcripts and reports you would see it was botched. Then they realized their mistakes and worked to cover them up and every step from there was just one idiot after another covering for another idiot's mistake. The AG simply followed that process. Rarely will they differ from original jurisdiction findings. They did however say it was not a suicide. They also stated that because of the poor job from the start they had no evidence to examine. Gives them very little to work with when Sandusky County walked in, laughed over a dead young man about clean up, believe a story from 3 drinking young adults, and went about their merry way. Arrogance and pride are trumping morals. No one is beyond making poor choices. They should own their poor choices and admit them.
Now, I am very sure someone is going to post "Jake made poor choices". Yes he did. I don't recall his family ever claiming he was a saint that never made poor choices in his life. I have never read anywhere or at any time that they blame Sandusky County for their son's death. They blame them for not doing their job and for not collecting evidence. Overmyer and his band of incompetence also behaved in a pretty disgusting manner while they were at the scene not doing their job. Apparently it was fun and humorous to them to laugh about "clean up" rather than collect evidence. Later O'Connell even came to the conclusion that Will accidentally shot Jake. He wrote it in a letter (read it if unaware). That suddenly puts them on the spot; an "oops we messed up at the scene. Cover this up and fast" situation. It snowballed further and further. They are elected officials. They are in positions where citizens are supposed to be able to trust their standards and morals. They have failed and continue to fail. Every single one of them that continues the lies and every moment each one of them keeps quiet rather than own their mistakes and try to correct what they can. So, even if it would be about money in addition to the certificate change, so what! At this point and after this long of the bs from the county they deserve it. The county made this situation escalate to this level. As for anyone saying the Limberios family should get over it and move on, would you if this were your child? Would you if you had the run around from the county after all this time? Would you be ok with no investigation or collection of evidence? I know I would not. If the county is afraid of a lawsuit at this time it is because they know they brought that upon them by their poor choices. If they would have said they made a mistake and re-investigated right away, or investigate since there wasn't much of an investigation to begin with, this would not be happening today.

No, I am not related to the family. I do not personally know any of them. I just have compassion when others are wronged by those that abuse their power positions. I find it disgusting that anyone would be so heartless as to think they are ridiculous for the need for truth and for county accountability. Those posting nasty comments should reflect a bit and imagine if it were your child, your spouse, parent, best friend. Wouldn't you go to the ends of the Earth for answers and justice? As for the Sandusky Register, at this point I applaud them for slanted journalism in this case. At least the Register and Matt Westerhold are brave enough and have morals to stand up against county corruption and defend a family suffering through it.


and USA never landed on the moon.


You're right, he made poor choices as did the person or persons who bought the ammo for him. He contributed to his own death, as hard as that may be to deal with he did. There would be no need for an investigation had he just left the gun, ammo or both at home.


So you are saying that it is completely acceptable that elected, paid officials did not do their job? Wonder if you would feel the same if there was an accident involving your family member. Are you saying Jake and the Limberios family do not deserve county officials to do their job because you feel he did this to himself? That is like saying if one of your family members decided to drive on a foggy night and got hit by a drunk driver it is fine. I mean, they made the choice to drive on a foggy night. Maybe that is a stretch but my point is that the county should do their ob regardless of circumstance and personal opinion.


Your scenario is completely irrelevant and has no correlation to this case. People going out doing normal everyday activities is completely different than what happened here. Now if the drunk driver died as a result of the same accident, he would have contributed to his own death while doing something illegally. That scenario is more along the lines of what happened here. And I agree that SCSO botched this investigation, so they are to blame for a that. However, this young man contributed to his own death wether he pulled the trigger or not. There is plenty of blame to go around in this case and ALL those involved should be held accountable. I mean all the way down to the person who bought the ammo for him.


I also do not mean any disrespect to your opinion btw. I just firmly believe that the officials of Sandusky County failed. Regardless if this could have been prevented by Jake not taking a gun to the location. It does not matter when it comes to the subject of Sandusky County officials doing their job, which they did not do in the slightest.


The vast majorities of people committing suicide are done in private. By that I mean that the victim commits suicide when alone.

Some decent readings about suicides:
"We have a clearer picture of the number of completed suicides, although some accidents may still be mistakenly considered suicides and vice versa."
"Suicidal acts seldom occur spontaneously. Rather, they are typically planned and premeditated events triggered by a chain of stressful internal and external circumstances."
"Defining Suicide"
"This introductory document discusses suicide; the taking of one's own life. It is intended to educate readers about the nature of suicide."
"Some suicides are the result of the side effects of prescription drugs, or combinations of prescription and recreational drugs."
"Suicide Triggers"

There are many links within the above links that I have posted.


Is the real issue the difference between indemnity and triple indemnity payout on an insurance policy? Most litigation is easily understood of you "follow the money".

White Owl

Excellent point. "Follow the money" is a truism in law as is "Listen but watch their feet". In other words, they may say one thing but their actions seem to indicate another direction.


Money issue has nothing to do with this why do you keep bringing this up.


Maybe he doesn't want to change it because he knows he didn't shoot himself, I do not know anyone associated with this but, I must comment with all the evidence fingers should not be pointed at this boy killing himself, something happened bad in that house that day and its a cover up. As a mother of three I would not stop to find the truth, family should fight its there right, they need to bring in a psychic in my opinion. The kids stories have so many different versions of what happened leads me to believe he did not kill himself. Sorry to say.