The Register buys its ink by the tanker truck — not the barrel — as state Rep. Chris Redfern writes in a letter to the editor published on this page today.

3:49 PM Nov 15, 2014

The implosion Nov. 4 of long-time state legislator and Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern left the party in shambles and the fallout's just begun. 

7:05 AM Nov 12, 2014

Reporters and editors at the Register who came to know Mike Limberios listened to his story, heard his truth and respected his courage.

It was shocking to learn about the death on Wednesday of the man whose world crashed 2½ years ago when his 19-year-old son Jacob was killed. 

6:11 AM Nov 7, 2014

Update: Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014, 10 a.m. 

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10:00 AM Nov 5, 2014

Ben Bradlee was a giant among journalists and a giant among men. 

The retired executive editor of the Washington Post died Tuesday at the age of 93. 

7:50 AM Oct 22, 2014

Comedian and activist Russell Brand calls it as he sees it in this interview on "The Young Turks."


4:40 AM Oct 21, 2014

White people sometimes seem to be the most self-centered, least empathetic group of humans on Earth.

Caucasians also tend to “mob up” to defend the indefensible, and they usually do it with an ignorant righteous zeal.  

3:33 PM Sep 6, 2014

Register managing editor and "Between the Lines" host Matt Westerhold took the plunge Thursday during (watch) a special on the road BTL at the Sandusky Library.

11:16 AM Sep 2, 2014


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