New Year's Perspective

Matt Morgan
Dec 26, 2013


[Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu. Honnen mo douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.]
(Happy New Year! I hope for your continued favor this year.)
The New Year is a time of celebration for all. Even if you don't celebrate it on January 1 per Gregorian tradition, it is still a time of renewal, reflection, and another milestone in our lives. Against these we can see just how far we've come. The end of January marks a full year I have had the opportunity to talk with you all and it has been a blast rereading the entries and their replies. It also has been interesting seeing how writing style and commentary both have changed over the course of the months. Thank you.
So what about you, fellow Sandusky Register readers/commenters/bloggers? Looking back have you found that this has been a year of engaging in really great discussions, thinking about things perhaps you never did before, or even getting a bit dirty slinging conversational snowballs at each other? I'm just as guilty as that! What about in other ways? Loss, gain. Breakthroughs, breakdowns. Myriad forces have impacted you and have helped to mold you into the person you are.
For further inspiration, let's take a look at what another country does on this day we usually set aside for merriment and quaffing of spirits.
In Japan, New Year's Day is very solemn and important. It is a day when the house gets cleaned inside and out, money and gifts are exchanged, greetings passed along, and when we see a largely secular populace attend service at their local Buddhist temple. There, the temple bell is rung a total of 108 times (joya no kane) to represent each of the defilements of Buddhism you must overcome to reach nirvana. Long story short, you go to remember your shortcomings so that you may be a better person.
None of us are perfect and looking over that list I'll need quite a few rings of the bell myself to echo in my mind for the coming year...
Personal growth and the shedding of old ways comes with effort. It is possible to do if you are willing to pursue your goal. You may also go through some mental, emotional, or physical pain. Do it, but not alone. There are many people around you who are willing to help guide you to a new you. It must start now, even before the New Year. As the Japanese say, "fall down seven times, get up eight times".
Start by cleaning your residence. Donating unwanted or unused items. Walk once around your block. Say hi to your neighbor. Heck, even defrag your hard drive! Go back to what is meaningful in your life and build your base on that. There are clergy, medical professionals, social clubs, and all manner of opportunity to have others help guide you out there even in "little, old Erie county" (and surrounding). If you want an innovative way to help yourself, I'd suggest ordering a daruma doll. They are surprisingly effective!
Is there a goal, wish, or refinement you wish to have for yourself? Leave it here and let's check back in on it in a year to see if it has come to pass! Maybe by sharing it others can help you meet your goal.


Stop It

Well, HZ...(or if you rather be called Matt, couldn't help but see the change at the top). I have a bud that I was in the USAF with back in the late '70s. We had hit and miss keeping in touch 'cause he stayed in for 'bout 15 years..why he didn't do the 20 for retirement he refuses to say. But he and I were in Plattsburgh NY together, The Cold War Unit 8th Air Force called Strategic Air Command before Ronnie Raygun made them go away.. . After that my bud went to Cali, The PNW and Gaum, the Philipines and now lives in Japan. He wouldn't know what you typed at the top of your blogspot. The only word he ever says to me in Ja-Pan talk is Hai. Means yes. I asked him how he got around? He says his smart phone takes pics and translates unless his daughter or wife do it for him ..I will ask him in the next few days what he thinks about your "daruma doll."

It should be interesting. When we in upstate NY, he used to have a Buddha sitting on his desk and rubbed his belly everyday and asked me to do the same..He told me Buddha's real name was "sid harther gatama"...I didn't care...He was raised Catholic and now has changed back. I sure didn't rub that fat bellied green statue...LOL... I was raised Catholic and hold no organized religion as my belief as of around the early '80's.

So, this "new year" you speak about, whether it be any culture. Is it hope or faith that holds you? Or are you just an optimist?

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The Hero Zone

Thanks for sharing the story, I always enjoy learning about the experiences of others! As for what holds me? Hmmm...I certainly enjoy a faith regarding a greater entity, though describing it here isn't as effective as using the medium of conversation (as well as having a pen and paper handy). I suppose I could try some day as it has been born out of my life's experiences, including a phase where I was atheist.

If I am an -ist, I am an optimist for sure. I have to be else life would be much bleaker than it seems to be at times. While doing so can lead to being hurt, if you don't put faith in civil society and those who comprise it then all will seem lost and irrecoverable. Let's not forget, either, that by being hurt we are given the opportunity to learn and be better if we take it. If we don't, then an unfortunate incident becomes a tragedy.


@ Mr. Morgan:

And a Happy New Year to you & yours.

For yrs., we've celebrated the old tradition of having pork on New Year's Day for good luck.

This yr's fest:

Barbequed pork ribs with a homemade sauce, homemade potato salad & baked beans, corn bread & a bottle of red.

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The Hero Zone

I'll raise a pretzel to you and your friends/family! Your meal sounds really delicious and I hope that it brings you luck in this coming year in meeting whatever goals you have.

Stop It

Always Pork Roast and Sauerkraut here. Any drink ya wanna drink. Kool-aid to good sippin' Bourbon. Hungarian tradition for luck...also mashed taters and gravy.


Matt, thank you for all the interesting articles this year. You're a great fellow citizen and many of us appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing your thoughts and point of view.

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The Hero Zone

Thank you for the compliment! I am glad you and others enjoy the articles. In writing them I hope that I am able to spur thought in others, give them things to further research, or even rally points around which we can find our commonalities while exploring our differences.

In roleplaying terms (specifically online) "LFG" stands for "Looking for group". The reason people do this is so that they can join with others to form a party that can overcome a challenge that they couldn't take on alone. Using each different party members' expertise, their abilities are combined to defeat fearsome boss monsters or solve challenging puzzles.

It's for that reason I write what I write as I am always seeking others to help/be helped to overcome life's challenges.

Really are you ...

Ok great the SPEG. When were the Laws of Thermodynamics made? Someone said I will violate Law number 2. No I will not, it will degrade but at a very slow rate. There are so many other laws the make this possibility real. A lot of very smart have such a narrow focus on what they are doing in life, that they don't even try connecting the dots in their fields of work. If I seek help, guidance, or advice I want to seek it from like minded individuals. People who believe in the United States, and wants to create jobs that will stay here in North Central Ohio. Ideally Norwalk. I will bring this forth in 2014, or give up on it in 2015. It is that close. I just need to remind myself of courage.

Courage is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

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The Hero Zone

That is a great reminder and it sounds like you have an interesting goal in mind. It certainly piqued my curiosity. I hope you will be able to succeed in it this year and you'll have good news when we revisit this blog entry in a year!

Really are you ...

It is an acronym Self-sustaining Personal Electric Generator. This is what gets everyone, it does not rely on any external forces to generate electricity. Does not combust fossil fuels or need wind, light, or water. Like that rotisserie deal on television, "set it and forget it." I am going for a household version, and a modified version for an electrically powered vehicle. Everyone could ride around in armored personnel carriers if they wanted and get unlimited miles per gallon. As there will be no gas tank and no recharge outlet. The SPEG's sole purpose will be to generate electricity that is supplied to the vehicles electric motor, and components. It will be compact in size ie., household application will fit inside in a closet (note: inside in a closet. Not outdoors with battery backup.) vehicle applications fit under the hood. President Richard Nixon was the first president who said that the United States needed to find an alternative to combusting fossil fuels. My ultimate goal is to solve the combustion for energy problem now so our future generations won't have to. This will open new doors of opportunity and create jobs. With a stamp we rarely see of things anymore, "Made in USA."

Stop It

You keep talkin' about such self sustaining stuff Really are you... But rarely do you offer anything that refers to such..

I like you, read a bunch of history about the war between Edison and Tesla. Tesla was the genius...Edison had the backing of robber barons and even took Tesla's stuff and ran with it once he had shown a horrible electric chair execution.
Edison wasn't smart, he just used people like the backing he had. He knew how to manipulate.

Perhaps you could supply us with your proposition and you may have backing? Just a thought. The internet is not always reliable.

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FST is that you? Sure have missed hearing all your crackpot theories. I see you’ve now managed to overcome the laws of energy and momentum conservation. Of course, nothing is impossible for the man who built a car that runs on water. It’s truly a shame your genius has gone unheralded.