A Run Down on What's Up

Matt Morgan
Oct 10, 2013


Facebook and Twitter are good sites to reference for events, but there are a few others of which you should be aware.
If you are an active business, a busy organization, or even just an individual looking for something to do you have many options. Getting the word about about an event is crucial in attempting to attract people to it. You can tweet about it easily on Twitter or make an entry on your Events page on Facebook, but have you heard of LinkedIn or Meetup?
LinkedIn is interesting in that it is a social networking site akin to Facebook though it is geared more towards "professional" networking. You can meet others who are in the business community in some degree and while you are at it find many, many articles from "My Best Career Mistake" so you can learn from the experience of others to Marketing Strategies and the Economy. You won't find Farmville updates cluttering your channel and it will really help give you (and your business if you have one) some great exposure!
Meetup is just that - a site to create events and publicize them to get more attendance! It is very easy to use and to start a Meetup Group. In fact, if you want to see what is going on in the area just follow the link and adjust the inputs. Looking for "Book" within 25 miles of 44870 brought three groups up: Port Clinton Women's Book Club, Port Clinton Mamas, and the Mid-Ohio Awareness Group. Hobbies, Food & Drink, Singles and more (even political Meetups like the Northern Ohio Libertarians) all can be found - or started if you don't see anything you like yourself!
While sites can be useful and powerful, remember that not everyone uses the Internet frequently or is signed up to these particular services. That said, don't be afraid to look at doing things manually and in-person. Here's a quick list of personally-recommended ways to meet others, learn what is going on, and/or tell others of happenings in their area:
*Pay attention to or purchase ad space in local news outlets like the radio or paper making sure to ask questions about the demographics of their audiences
*Look at or post fliers/business cards in the appropriate section of notice boards in public places like the Post Office or private businesses such as drug stores, music shops, or wherever else is appropriate and has dedicated space
*Drop business cards in those little bowls some restaurants have to win a free lunch as others can see your name in the bowl (and you may just win a meal)
*Join a community group of some kind whether it be a faith or service operation; the Chamber of Commerce is another great resource to meet others
*Meet with those in the community who often work with many different people as a part of their careers as they may have heard of a special event or program and may be able to help spread the word of your own: doctors, teachers/PTA, civic leaders, and professionals such as financial planners or insurance agents.
Do you have any other ways you get the word out? Or, to which rails do you put your ear so you know what's happening around you?



For a brief minute I thought that the title to this week's column was a reference to and old L7 song. However, I feel that the references I make are still more obscure than yours.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Perhaps? The only L7 I know of without looking up your version that it was a reference to being square, or, unhip. But, as Huey Lewis and the News said, "It's hip to be square."



No, I was referring to a specific lyric in one of their songs. You must not have been to "hip" to the early 90's alterative music scene. I got the lyric wrong anyway, so I may be just as bad.

J. Hartman

BDupler, not sure, but if you are referring to the song "What's Up", that song was made popular by the all female band 4 Non Blondes. The group L7, I believe was also an all female group. Both where in the grunge genre, but I don't think 4 Non Blondes had another hit after releasing "What's Up". L7, while I never listened to them, I think had a little more success and was around for at least a decade or a little more? Sorry, that's about as far as my female grunge band knowledge goes except for the train wreck that is Courtney Love and her band Hole.