A new adventure in blogging

Jan 24, 2013


Today we premiere a new weekly blog "LFG (Looking for Group)", written by Matt Morgan, the owner of The Hero Zone comic and game store in downtown Sandusky. Matt will write about the challenges of running a successful small business in the city center, and will keep tabs on trends from the technical and gaming world. Here is his first entry:


“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure.” – Gandalf the Grey to Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit

These words forever changed a simple halfling’s life, who in turn, touched the lives of unknown tens of thousands of others.  Bilbo’s tale (literally) went on over the course of his own long life and into the life of his cousin and only heir, Frodo, during the events in The Lord of the Rings.

While our lives may not be quite as fraught with sword-and-spell adventure nor Cirque de Soleil tier acts of derring-do as those of our fictional heroes, it is true that our actions in our own lifetimes will go on to impact untold quantities of others “in real life”. Thus the great balancing act of owning a business is brought into play here. As the show must go on, the story be written, and the customer is always right, it is with great delight that these things get to be shared with you through this blog that The Sandusky Register has graciously allowed to be presented to its savvy readers.

Speaking personally, it is my hope to provide wit and insight alike into what it takes to own a small business here in the area. By no means can I espouse expertise as I am only six years into the endeavor, but the amount of lessons learned and resources garnered that I can share with other aspiring entrepreneurs will hopefully, like Gandalf’s offer to Bilbo, inspire those in and around our area to greater things! Not to be filled with just business advice “from the trenches”, I also hope to be able to offer advice to our community on topical but still relevant issues such as technology, pop-culture, and a means to bridge generational gaps of communication/understanding between children, parents, and grandparents.

Getting back to the theme of this blog entry, it never hurts to be reminded that even in times of hardship and tragedy we are the heroes of our own story. The words we speak, the actions we take, and the decisions we make all ripple outward as a stone cast into a lake. Page by page, day by day, they add up as we meet new friends, say goodbye to others, or are thrust into physical or moral peril by no will of our own. Unfortunately we often can’t fathom the impact of our choices until after the fact so there isn’t always an immediate return on the investment of time, energy, or money.

Be assured, someone somewhere is taking note of you as your story – even briefly – touches theirs. Ron White’s upcoming act at The State Theater Saturday, Feb. 9, should be a light-hearted reminder of this. But, a dark side there is, and avoid it we must.  Especially in a work or living environment where you see many people every day, you can hope to avoid the negativity some bring with them while holding out for that one “hey, nice shirt” or smile that can make all the rest of the day worth it. Holding out hope that there is an adventure, a showing that someone recognizes your talents, waiting for you.

For what it is worth from me to you, friend reader, I hope that our stories will grow together from here forward as we meet once a week to share in an adventure that has been years in the making and will last many more to come.



A blog about owning a small business in the area...I like it, great idea. My only request to Mr. Morgan is that he does not hold back. Please tell it like it is. I have talked and listen to many downtown small business owners and it seems as though the people that are "here to help them", the people with the "power", are the ones holding them back. Business and politics is what it is, but please shed some light on whatever issues you feel important.

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The Hero Zone

I intend to write about the challenges that are involved, most certainly. I appreciate your support. I hope it will be inspirational to those that hope to own their own business, and even informational for people who already do but find a resource I have discovered and shared to be able to give them a boost. It is a tough mix of personal life, public life (through a business let alone anything I do with my increased attendance at City Council meetings), and making it all work.


LFG is a copywrited Canadian comic and has a copywrited website. Not sure I would use the name.

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The Hero Zone

Thanks for the shared info on that (if we are thinking of the same webcomic it has a sister comic called "The Least I Could Do" which is rather humorous - head's up parents it is between PG-13 and R mostly for adult discussions/references). I appreciate the concern, but in this case we are probably safe. LFG is a commonly-used international acronym in MMORPGs, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, so unless I was invoking the characters or art from the strip it would be akin to someone trying to copyright "lol" or "afk".

Apple's recent lawsuits aside (zing!) it is nice to have concerned feedback from a fellow community member, thanks KnuckleDragger!


I must say, I love your positive point of view and your ability to stave away the negative. That in itself is a feat even for a few minutes, let alone a day. Congratulation on your latest venture: writing this blog.

I know what you are doing to assist giving young people in this community somewhere to "perch" besides the local street corner is a victory for them as well as for every parent within the community. Congratulations again. I have heard good things.

Don't stop what you are doing in either venture. God's speed and best wishes on your endeavours.