Former board member questions

Aug 14, 2014


Dear Editor,

My name is Bob Germond and this is for the good people of Norwalk. During the school board meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014, this is one of a number of questions that I asked. When I asked school board members John Lendrium, Kevin Cashen and Rob Ludwig—based on what you have done, do you sleep good at night?

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Mr. Ludwig nodded his head, "Yes."

When I asked Mr. Lendrum, Mr. Cashen and Mr. Ludwig — When you get up and look in the mirror, are you proud of what you have done? Mr. Ludwig nodded his head, "Yes."

When I asked Mr. Lendrum  — While playing golf on Sunday, did you tell Dr. Sue Goodsite that she would be superintendent for one year on an interim contract — he referred the question to the board's attorney.  

Bob Germond



It's "do you sleep WELL at night." Good lord.

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Rule: When describing someone’s emotional state, use good.
Example: He doesn’t feel good about having cheated.

Wouldn't he be correct in stating "good"? He was referring to an emotional state, not actually how "well" they slept.


Hell! I don't know!