Feds keep taking away our rights

Jun 3, 2013

I read the article “Outlaws raided” and couldn’t resist the temptation to question the “police state” mentality of our current laws.

I find the federal government’s power to seal the search warrant that was used to justify the raid is an encroachment of all of our civil liberties.

The power to hide the reason for a search warrant to be issued for as long as the federal government wants to hide such information flies in the face of our constitutional right against unwarranted search and seizure of personal property.

Outside of the feds and some local police agencies, no one really knows what they were looking for. When you give the federal government unrestricted power, history keeps proving that power will inevitably be abused.

Just to prove my point, the senate is now considering a national biometric database or a national identification card if you will, for every working American.

“Show me your papers please” is just around the corner for all of us here in America, and if you don’t produce them, then the authorities will be able get a sealed search warrant to search for who knows what in the name of national security. Wake up, America!

— Dale Terry, Huron
     Chapter leader, the John Birch Society



Wrong, Sam. We Dems weren't worried about the Patriot Act, we were mad. The GOP's default emotion is fear, and it's very telling that you automatically assumed that's what we felt. Even though the Patriot Act was an about-face on more than 200 years of the Constitution, we never feared that the gov't would "come get us", meaning US in our little house in NW Ohio. We just griped because it was another stupid, over-reaching move by President who had no idea how to deal effectively with terrorism.

It's ok if you're not OK with Obamacare. A lot of people weren't ok with Social Security and Medicare when they were first introduced, as well. Five years later, it became obvious that they were great ideas, and the furor died down. Statistics are already coming in showing that Obamacare does save money; do us both a favor and read Paul Krugman's article (today) about this very subject. Krugman is a Nobel-Prize winning economist, which I guess, makes him an expert.

I'm also not suddenly worried because a "big government database" exists in Utah. The government has stored such information for more than 200 years, it's just that now it's on a computer. The only way to be 100% safe is to either hide under your bed for your entire life or to move to a remote desert island. Which is what I recommend for all the GOP doomsayers. If you hate America that much and are worried that much, then leave. And take your ulcers with you, please.


SS and Medicare great ideas? Both are bankrupting America.....dear Lord, what are you smoking?

The Big Dog's back

Social Security and Medicare are bankrupting America?? Social Security is self sustained, so is Medicare.


"I was thinking more like a registered maroon." - Big Dog, 6/2/13


If "all" Dems were upset with the Patriot Act why did they vote to extend it and then give it steroids with NADA? Is the present President also have no idea how to effectivly deal with terrorism, except to extend and add to another "stupid, over reaching move" that has already been proven not to work? That would be even more stupid since that would prove he can't learn from past mistakes. But that would be only if you look at it from both sides and not being obviously biased. None of the last few Presidents have done much except increase the size of the Federal gov;t. The last few scandals have pretty well shown that they can't control what the Federal gov't does at its present size let alone having it grow more. That would include Obamacare.


Re: "Even though the Patriot Act was an about-face on more than 200 years of the Constitution,"

Obviously didn't teach U.S. History.

We need to also examine Lincoln's, Wilson's and FDR's tearing away at the fabric of the Constitution.

So WHY did Pres. Obama re-authorize the PA and the NDAA?

Re: Hyper-Keynesian "Paul Krugman" and Bill Marr - both comedians in their own right. Excellent sources for brain-dead socialist thought. :)

The Big Dog's back

poo, tell "em, SS and Medicare are self funded. C'mon poo, tell "em.


The Big Dog's back writes:

"SS and Medicare are self funded,"

Over $100 trillion in potential unfunded liabilities. $60 billion in Medicare fraud, waste and abuse ANNUALLY.

Why then do even most liberals say that entitlement programs are an approaching fiscal train wreck and could potentially crowd out all other govt. programs including Defense?

If it's "self-funded," then WHY the need to change the benefit structure and raise the age limits?

And the SS assets are invested in WHAT? Non-marketable Treasuries.


Ponzi schemes - an accounting FICTION.


Big pup forgets that the only way these programs are "self sustaining" is if they restructure them to that point.


And like ALL Ponzi schemes, the first ones 'invested' get the majority of the benefits while the later ones get crumbs or zero.

SSDI is scheduled to implode first.

"The Social Security trust fund that makes payments to disabled workers will be depleted by 2016. Why isn't this considered a crisis?":


Keep watchin' MSNBC - they're fourth in viewership!



There IS NO TRUST FUND. It's a fiction. SS has operated pay as you go for decades.


Until the point where more are taking out of the kitty than those putting in...and we are there.


Dale Terry,John Birch Society must find a reason to exist.


"Just like fingerprints: Supreme Court says police can take DNA from arrestees without warrants":


Apparently the ACLU ain't on-board with this. So much for the nonsense that ALL the lefties love Big Brother eh coasterfan?

"It is not enough to obey Big Brother, one must also love him."

- Nineteen Eighty-Four


As is said: Hindsight is always 20-20.

Heck, if FDR wouldn't have had the Pacific Fleet move from San Diego to Pearl Harbor...


Some of you must live very miserable lives if you live in such constant fear.


I agree.
Their lives MUST be miserable.


You are kidding,you didn't see that coming?You deserve everything you get you stupid morons !It has only begun.Tyranny is the fear of the government,freedom is the government fearing the people.Now if this Bozo don't declare himself king,go ahead and elect queen Hilliary !


Arcrmean have your grandparents give back their Social Security & medicare. You can't have it both ways. I feel this CIC got in because so many were angry with the stuff little Bush passed off as truth. btw, W's daddie was in charge of the CIA before he was president. Check out who helped the CIA get started after WW2. General Gailen. Figures.

Really are you ...

We already have nationally recognized identification cards. Drivers Licenses, if you don't drive there is a State ID, and for foreigners there is a green card. I work and I already have a time card. I am covered then, right?


OK, I read the head line too: FEDS KEEP TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS

Uh, would someone tell me what right they have had taken away? The right to drive without buckling your seat belt? The right to smoke where ever you please? The right to have a big gulp in NYC? These are LAWS--not inalienable rights.

Any yet how many of you don't believe in the equality of gays-that they as Americans don't have the same RIGHT, under the constitution? How many of you want to actually take away a woman's RIGHT-protected under the constitution-to do with her reproductive rights what she chooses?

I'm sick and tired of these chicken-little types running around proclaiming the sky is falling. Why don't they just start building their little underground survival bunkers and stay there.


Well said.
I too am ..." sick and tired of these chicken-little types running around proclaiming the sky is falling."

Little chickens with paranoid personality disorders.


Re: "Little chickens with paranoid personality disorders."

Unlike the useful idiots who love Big Brother.

"You must love BIG BROTHER. It is not enough to obey him: you must love him."

- Nineteen Eighty-Four

Oh No, IT could NEVER happen HERE! :)


Re: "Uh, would someone tell me what right they have had taken away?"

"The 4 federal crimes mentioned in the U.S. Constitution are treason, piracy, counterfeiting & crimes against the law of nations."

"Today there are an estimated 4,500 crimes in federal statutes, plus thousands more embedded in federal regulations, many of which have been added to the penal code since the 1970s."

For a federal crime, Mens Rea (intent or knowingly committed) is not needed. Did you DO IT? Then you are GUILTY!



Again I ask you Contango-- What rights have been taken away? What, the addition of certain crimes to federal statutes is somehow infringing on your freedom? -- I know it did Bernie Madoff's but then again that's another issue.


@ meowmix:

Re: "What, the addition of certain crimes to federal statutes is somehow infringing on your freedom?"

Ah yes, I should have remembered the perennial lefty reading problem caused by intense public school indoctrination no doubt.

Do you see the term, Mens Rea? What does it mean?

Also, provisions in the NDAA and the Patriot Act.

So in your collectivist mind, NONE of our first 10 Amendment rights have been compromised?

Did you see the video of the storm troopers invading a house after the Boston bombing? You OK with this?



Drunken pretentious raving and ranting again.


Re: "^^^ Drunken pretentious rantings."

"You taunt like the immature person you are." - 4shizzle, 6/4/13 :)


Truth is -You are.