Feds keep taking away our rights

Jun 3, 2013

I read the article “Outlaws raided” and couldn’t resist the temptation to question the “police state” mentality of our current laws.

I find the federal government’s power to seal the search warrant that was used to justify the raid is an encroachment of all of our civil liberties.

The power to hide the reason for a search warrant to be issued for as long as the federal government wants to hide such information flies in the face of our constitutional right against unwarranted search and seizure of personal property.

Outside of the feds and some local police agencies, no one really knows what they were looking for. When you give the federal government unrestricted power, history keeps proving that power will inevitably be abused.

Just to prove my point, the senate is now considering a national biometric database or a national identification card if you will, for every working American.

“Show me your papers please” is just around the corner for all of us here in America, and if you don’t produce them, then the authorities will be able get a sealed search warrant to search for who knows what in the name of national security. Wake up, America!

— Dale Terry, Huron
     Chapter leader, the John Birch Society



If someone car bombed Cedar Point traffic I would not be ok with having to stay in my house while swat teams roamed the area looking for suspects. I have a CCW and would be ok watching myself. I would be devastated by the loss. The difference between you and I is an act like that would not incapacitate myself.


Yep, lock and load and if I had the shot one less bad guy out there!

Kottage Kat

National I D card
Mark of the beast? ?????????


It'll be another fore- taste.


FYI: I once read that J. Edgar Hoover proposed that everyone in the U.S. be fingerprinted.

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

- John Dalberg-Acton

Therein lies the problem of the 'slippery slope.'


Power doesn't corrupt; it attracts the corrupt like honey draws flies. One must possess fascist instincts to seek power.


I would be one of the first responders. So I guess your wrong on me hiding in my house


Thank you for your service Swiftshot, the work you do largely goes unappreciated. In addition, I hope you do not think I was attacking you for you point of view, I just hate seeing our rights taken away a piece at a time all in the name of safety. The terrorists win when we live if fear of them.


The martial law lock down was four days after the incident - is there no limit to your failure to use logic?

Oh, and 419, you're absolutely attacking swiftshot for his point of view, and there's nothing wrong with that - his point of view is what's killing liberty.

getit right be4...

Swiftshot you say you are a 1st responder. Do you mined me asking what it is you do as a 1st responder?


I'm in the medical field


I found this video on youtube of the lock down and search in Boston.

The one question I have is why did they need to pat the family as they were exiting the house and why did they have to have their hands up when they could clearly see they were not the suspect? I thought they needed reasonable cause to do a pat down. I guess just being in that town gave them reasonable suspicion?


they gotta check you know, in case somebody was hiding a terrorist in their pocket..


from what I understood from the follow up story on the family is that the mother may have been involved. When they investigate, they dont know the extent of who is involved a the time. they were being cautious to what might happen.

The Big Dog's back

Right wingnuts would have been all over the Po Po if they hadn't caught the suspect. They always take the opposite side.


With all due respect Big Dog, Tsarnaev (sp?) was found by a citizen that stepped out of his house after the lock down to have a cigarette and noticed his tie downs were cut on his boat. The police captured him but a citizen found him. You might be fine with police (looked more like military) ordering you out of your house and patting you down, but I'm not. Warrant and Reasonable Suspicion, fine by me, but I'm not into shredding the Constitution for a search of one man. What if Curtis Clinton and had killed a few more people, should they lock down Sandusky in the search of one man?

The Big Dog's back

People should be worried more about the right wing United States Supreme Court. Scalia and the boys ruled today that's it's OK for the Po Po to get your DNA if you are a SUSPECT of a major crime. SUSPECT. This ain't Dems or Obama doing this.


All the Republicans who post here, apparently have a paranoid personality disorder.



Just keep a little history in mind (shizz) the sound of burning flesh!


Sooo, we should mark our calendars for the 'Annual Hitler Youth Day Picnic'???


That one surprised me Big Dog, Washington DC is eroding our rights little by little. I'm blaming both parties on this crap, those in power think they know what's best for us and can tell us how we need to live our lives. For the record, I am no longer a registered Republican. I am anti-career politician. We need term limits to stop all of the gridlock in DC. If they know they are there to serve rather than stay in office things will get done.


The Big Dog's back wrote:

"Scalia and the boys ruled today that's it's OK for the Po Po to get your DNA"

Justice Scalia dissented.


"I was thinking more like a registered maroon." - Big Dog, 6/2/13


That just blows me away. Thanks for posting the link. Frightening times we are in for sure. And people say many of us are paranoid? They are slowly breaking down the Constitution and one is not to be upset or worried about this? Ignorance is bliss I guess.


"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

- Edmund Burke

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

- Unknown (but attributed to Edmund Burke)

The Big Dog's back

The only reason he dissented was because there were already enough votes.


He WROTE the dissent, dog, assuming you even know what that means.


Dog, that ruling is part and parcel of what you're defending here. You're so hung up on partisan labels that you fail to comprehend the nature of the issue.


It's appalling the liberties the government takes these days all the while stealing OUR liberties to do it! Whether you have anything to hide or not is immaterial. If you VOLUNTEER to give up your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, that's entirely your own stupid mistake. But your mistake shouldn't have any more bearing on me than a more criminal error on your part would have. Your thievery (or assault or whatever) doesn't make me a felon; the fact that you're clearly naive doesn't make me inclined to slavery, either. Sorry.

Wait. No, I'm NOT sorry. But unless fewer people take your attitude and more people take mine, we'll ALL be sorry, and sooner rather than later.


I agree with WiseMan, and do not wish to succumb to the constant attitude of fear that the Republican Party sells. Go back 5-10 years and play a transcript of any Limbaugh, Beck show, and you'll hear lots of ominous warnings and hand-wringing over things they were sure would happen that DIDN'T happen. Beck's on-air theme song plays the lyrics "This is the end of the world as we know it". Really? Really?

Just read some of the fearful posts here. Unassumer says the gov't will take your house and everything you own. Really? Really? It would be funny if it weren't so tragically misguided. Here's when you should worry: when people on both sides of the political spectrum are worried.

Personally, I'm a lot LESS worried than I was when Bush was in office, and a heck of lot less worried than I was in late 2001. And that's the point of Obama's speech. In 2013, we don't NEED to be on Terrorist Alert Level Orange all the time.


People on both sides of the political spectrum ARE worried, Coasterfan! Or do you not recall the hue and cry when the Bush administration rammed through the USA PATRIOT Act?

The violations aren't limited (obviously) to the mainstream of EITHER political party. They've both proved more than culpable. The question is what we — and by "we," I mean ALL of us, of ALL political persuasions — want to do about it.

Me? I'm NOT okay with the IRS overseeing Obamacare. I'm not okay with Obamacare's review boards, electronic medical records, or inappropriate insurance minimums, either (what, pray tell, do I need pregnancy coverage for at this point?). I'm JUST as not okay with warrantless searches, the saving of ALL electronic data in centralized storage databases (read up much on the huge facility in Utah?), or "fishing" by any means on the part of the authorities. I'm NOT okay with suspending habeus corpus, nor with the ignorance of posse comitatus. And I'm not okay with REAL ID (the de facto national ID the feds are still trying to ram down our throats). The only thing I don't understand is how some people are okay with those very things as long as it's THEIR guy in the White House!