Feds keep taking away our rights

Jun 3, 2013

I read the article “Outlaws raided” and couldn’t resist the temptation to question the “police state” mentality of our current laws.

I find the federal government’s power to seal the search warrant that was used to justify the raid is an encroachment of all of our civil liberties.

The power to hide the reason for a search warrant to be issued for as long as the federal government wants to hide such information flies in the face of our constitutional right against unwarranted search and seizure of personal property.

Outside of the feds and some local police agencies, no one really knows what they were looking for. When you give the federal government unrestricted power, history keeps proving that power will inevitably be abused.

Just to prove my point, the senate is now considering a national biometric database or a national identification card if you will, for every working American.

“Show me your papers please” is just around the corner for all of us here in America, and if you don’t produce them, then the authorities will be able get a sealed search warrant to search for who knows what in the name of national security. Wake up, America!

— Dale Terry, Huron
     Chapter leader, the John Birch Society



You said earlier you were concerned about your kids and future generations. Would you want them living in a world where 20,000 drones are flying all over the country watching everything (this legislation has been passed), boarder patrol check points hundreds of miles from the boarder (this is currently being done), Police/FBI raids without reasonable suspicion or search warrants. The only thing I fear is the life our future generations will live in the name of our countries "safety."


We can agree to disagree. If you ask anyone who was involved with any of the attacks on US soil, families of the dead, I'm sure they would agree with me. We do need to find a way to adapt to todays society. I said what I wanted and its my feeling on the letter to the editor. You can not change my opinion, and I don't expect to change yours or anyone else's.


You have to weigh what can happen if these rights and liberties are taken away against the possibilities if they aren't. I'll take the chance of an act of terror against the absolute weathering of my rights.

Terrorism only wins when people like you live in fear


Yes sir! And in Boston they were watching, with two idiots they were able to shut down a city and have national news attention for weeks. The whole thing is "Terror" they win again. Keep running and hiding and they will love you. The FBI had their people and let them go twice, more FBI in ours lives does not mean more safety!


Swiftshot writes " A lot has changed sine the founding fathers declaration."
But the basic ideals of Liberty and Freedom have remained static.


You couldn't be more right. The Founders couldn't possibly have known about technological advances we now take for granted! Therefore, you may no longer express your opinion here since you're utilizing a computer and the Internet to do so. Yes, I know you have the RIGHT to an opinion and to the expression of it. But the Founders were talking about gatherings and town cryers, certainly not the world wide web!




If America woke up on 9/11, then America wouldn't have let the feds invade the middle east for such a long period of time, or at all. saddam Hussein should have taken 6 months at most, then an immediate withdrawal. Barack Obama had a chance to withdrawal, but instead he disbands the middle east's police force so we can stay longer. We also helped al qaeda get moammar gadhafi by arming them, instead of killing bashar al assad who was mowing his own people over like dogs just to hold power. america has NOT woken up, if america woke up, then you wouldn't see career politicians or any liberals or conservatives in office.

dire wolf

The Feds had nothing to do with the middle east and saddam hussein. You may be thinking about the CIA, and our military intelligence. The Feds had nothing to do with any of your examples. I see your point though. good stuff.


"swift"shot. Up until now, 100% of the time I have seen If the FBI wants to search my property - I have absolutely NOTHING to hide. " posted in a comment section it was to highlight the idiocy of such thinking showing how disconnected and wrong-minded it is to think such things somehow preserve freedom. I never actually imagined that anyone would really think that. The idea that the government is protecting our freedoms by eliminating the Bill of Rights should be a litmus test on who is allowed to vote or retain citizenship in america


Exactly. WTF does that mean? "I have nothing to hide."? No body really has anything to hide. I sure don't but I'll be God*&%$# if I will allow the government to intrude on my privacy without just cause and make me "attempt" to prove otherwise.


(a national identification card if you will, for every working American.)

So the non working, non productive ones do not need one, LMFAO?


If you look at what happened in Boston after the tragic bombing you will see how much of a police state we have become. The entire city where the idiot was found was on complete lock down. If you went outside you could be arrested or shot. They searched every house and made it's occupants vacate the house while it was searched. After the lock down the idiot was found by a gentleman who stepped out to have a smoke and noticed some tie downs cut on his boat cover. Locking down the public is NEVER a good thing, and the public (the gentleman) was the one that found him. It seems the Constitution is followed as long as it benefits the government, when it doesn't it is an antiquated document :(


Did you see the news segment where the entire city was clapping and cheering the FBI and all the police force for doing what they did to protect Boston and the city by shutting it down to catch the terrorist? Lets just say that the FBI raided a house of a terrorist and gave reason for the raid and gave the terrorist a phone call. The terrorist could set off a chain reaction and some terrorists could not be caught.


I too would be clapping to finally get back to my normal life and routine. Note, they should have been clapping for the gentleman that was aware of his surroundings and notified the authorities. All that time searching did little to find him, but the vigilant citizen did in fact find him.


Even if they were clapping for the police state tactics, what of it? Slavery once had popular support, as did Japanese internment and the genocide of native Americans. The German election that brought the nazi's to power was a landslide bigger than Nixon's in 1972.

Swiftshot, the raid was last week - and the reason for the warrant has not yet been given, so your advance warning idea is garbage.

This is the USA - we don't try people for double secret charges in star chambers. We have a president who has asserted the authority to call in a drone strike on you while you drive down Rte. 2 without even explaining his reasons to anyone, and you think everything is just fine because Big Brother promises to keep you safe. You don't deserve to live in a free country.


Here, here.




everyone will be required to have the national id card I'm sure. I don't know what you're laughing about because it isn't funny. our rights have been eliminated; we no longer have freedom or live in a democracy. when you are restricted to where you can travel or made to remain in your house and not travel, you will stop laughing. when they take your house because they have sovereign rights, you'll stop laughing. they check your credit, your background, your blood and still require more but promise you no job, no home, no anything even if you have worked for it. they don't want you to have a gun because when the cr*p hits the fan, they don't want you armed trying to defend your 'property'. we do need to wake up because soon it will be too late if it isn't already.


Odds are, the entire raid was part of the wonderful War on Drugs where the government tells people what they may choose to put in their own bodies.


Yes, I have a right to DUI and kill people.




It was sarcastic response to Nemesis.
When you carry out his thought , it ends in anarchy . Basically saying: " Don't tell me that I can't take drugs and be dangerous to society".


That's the most idiotic response I've ever seen.

How does that in any way imply a right to drive intoxicated?

Notice that alcohol is currently legal, and DUI still is not.

Oh, I forgot, logic is hard (for some people.)


Your own words show that you don't get it .
Don't flatter yourself.


Are you really that dense? Alcohol is just as capable of rendering someone a danger to society, and yet, although it's legal, presenting said danger is not.


"...wonderful War on Drugs where the government tells people what they may choose to put in their own bodies."

The word "drugs" encompasses more than just alcohol- Do you get it?
You are basically saying: You want to take ANY drug you want, without any laws, huh?
Don't flatter yourself.


It's the after affect of what you put in your body nemesis. People driving drunk high ect killing or hurting others. Comments are self centered.


Wow, another outrageous logic failure.

Swiftshot, is alcohol legal?
Is driving drunk?
So what twisted logic failure leads you to equate drugs being legal with driving high being legal?

WA legalized pot, and at the same time specified a level of THC in the blood that qualifies for DUI. Funny how that works. That SHOULD warm the cockles of your fascist little heart, but you probably didn't know about that because that would involve learning facts to apply to a rational position.


And I think all the locals would be thinking different if we had something terrorist occurring here in Erie county ohio