Trustees Printy, Coleman not fooling Perkins Twp. voters

Mar 14, 2013


Aw shucks! Didn’t anybody tell Skippy that Lassie and Timmy fell down the gosh darned well? Gollee, what in tarnation’s going on? Maybe those gosh darned varmints (Perkins voters) might have a brain that tells them when they smell manure to step aside.

Mike Printy and Tim Coleman have shown us that if we are naive enough to pass the levy, they will supply every elected official with someone to do their job. If an elected official does not, or cannot perform the job they were elected to do, then hey little doggie, it’s time to cut her loose from the herd.

In any business, you do the job you were hired to do, or move along. Haven’t we had enough of government being run on a hee-haw level?

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

— Mary Bakewell, Perkins Township

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Not Yer Pa

Can you do an Adams Family one next?


I agree! The BOE seats have been filled with greedy individuals! Get rid of Mr Gunner, treat all kids EQUALLY, and do something about your bullying issues and then maybe possibly I would give more effort into supporting these levies but until then, I could careless if another one EVER passes! Everyone always has their hands out for money, but as a paying citizen in this township, with my son being made to feel less then equal to his classmates, the prejudices that take place with sports teams, and the WASTING of money that goes on so freely, maybe I should go to a board meeting with my hand out, Maybe the BOE needs to pay my child for treating him like $hit! Whats good for the goose is good for the gander right? VOTE NO!! Don't pay the schools to focus on CERTAIN kids, all kids need the same treatment!


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Erie Countian

Um, Brainiac (a misnomer if ever there was one), this letter is about the Perkins Twp. Trustees and THEIR tax levy, NOT the Perkins Schools levy.

Not Yer Pa

He's on a roll, let's leave him be.




It is kinda hard to distinguish who's hand is more needy or greedy . The school or the township?

Good 2 B Me

Agreed Donut! Or should I say... aGREED!


I see an egregious abuse of power in the moving of funds against the wishes of Perkins voters who have repeatedly spoken via shooting down levies that they do not wish a new facility to be built. Last time the board stated we needed it due to health concerns. That was proven incorrect via inspection. Now, funds have been moved in a reprehensible manner towards a new facility completely ignoring the voice of the people in Perkins.

I hope the Perkins people remember this and vote out the current board members, and consider filing a lawsuit. I'll be contacting the Ohio Attorney General to ensure this is indeed legal and to make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed as while this may not be illegal, the actions by the board are highly unethical and against the wishes of their constituents.


vote no, send a message w/ your voting rights, after all they act as if they are entitled to your money,[your money] is yours, you owe them nothing.

God Of Thunder

The writer of the letter is still bitter about her yard flooding after Bogart Rd was redone and the trees that got cut and were supposed to die, according to a "Tree expert". Those trees are still there..


I can wrap up all the negativity by Perkins Taxpayers that is aimed at the Trustees, BOE, and mostly Gunner. The ball was in your hands and they started it. When you aren't makling common sense and go against the voters what do you expect, a pat on the back, good job guys?


God of Thunder,
Mary is a very nice person. If your yard was flooded not by Thunder and Rain or act of God but by faulty road work, what would you do. Pat Shenigo assured Her that it would be taken care of in the spring. Not understanding road construction, that's all she needed to be told to satisfy her. Like many of us, She has good common sense and is not easily fooled and this is what Has many of us really upset. I use to think that were educated and smart and just not acting in the taxpayers best interest. I've changed my mind, They are educated, lacking common sense, have little business sense. I may not be eductad but I know smart. I have been around many smart individuals and they sure isn't any running the township or our schools.


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Dont Worry Be Happy

How many of you that comment on here go to the meetings to really asked questions and understand what is going on? I would have to say maybe one of you. Because the seats are empty at the meetings. You can not go by what this paper prints because they hardly ever print the truth. Plus many of you are commenting putting your two scents in and you don't know all the facts BECAUSE YOU DONT GO TO THE MEETINGS!!!! . I know times are rough for many even for me yes for safety of our community. We the people of Perkins TWP need to be smarter when voting in trustees I blame myself for 2 of them in there now. We need 3 Dwelles as our trustees and Dianne back they looked out for us all.