You said it: Why didn't the Register report 'what else' Julie Farrar said about the newspaper?

Feb 1, 2013


Story headline:
Half of Sandusky city workers lack recent evaluations

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013 — 3:06 p.m. 
Cityslicker says: Why don't you tell everyone what else Julie Farrar said about the "newspaper?"

Friday, Feb. 1, 2013 — 4:06 a.m.
Westerhold replies: Thanks for the question Cityslicker. Perhaps you attended one of the meetings that attracted city workers and a few residents. At a city commission meeting on Jan. 14, commissioner Julie Farrar stated she did not believe everything she read in the Register, referring to a sentence in an editorial Viewpoint published that same day.

Here is the sentence:  "(Farrar and commissioners Jeff Smith, Pervis Brown, Keith Grohe and ex officio mayor John Hamilton) voted for a deficit budget in 2012 presented by (city manager Nicole) Ard after just 10 minutes of discussion, a direct violation of the intent of one of city manager's 12 goals."

Farrar spoke for about 20 minutes, suggesting the sentence was inaccurate because it did not also state that commissioners Wes Poole and Diedre Cole also voted in favor of the 2012 budget.

Since the sentence was not inaccurate we did not publish a correction. We reviewed and considered posting a video clip of Farrar's comments with a story or blog. We opted against that because Farrar's comments had little news value and for various other reasons, although we continue to consider the options.  

I hope that helps. If you want a copy of the video of that commission meeting, or other past meetings, you can get that by going to City Hall at 222 Meigs St. and requesting DVD copies of the meetings you might want to review.  

Thanks again, Cityslicker, for the question. 




This is what I was talking about."Julie Farrar said she does not understand, for
the life of her, why there is a constant stabbing in the back of those in charge or why there is a personal
vendetta against certain commissioners or staff.    Julie Farrar said, in her opinion, to be prepared
because the newspaper will write some negative things about her now after opening her mouth, but the
newspaper does not run the city nor does it run her; she makes her own decisions and this is what she
was elected to do. Julie Farrar said she will now get off of her soapbox and she wishes the newspaper
will get off of Nicole Ard." 


Thank you for posting this. Some of us appreciate the facts being brought to light. She is right, the SR doesn't run the city of sandusky. But the commissioners are suupposed to. They need to do their jobs. It doesn't sound of late, like they did. They need to really get with it. Some of them are doing a pretty bad job of it by not doing what is expected of them.


I watch the City Commission meetings on local cable when I can. One of the things that strikes me as unordinary is the City Manager's Report.

I can count on one hand where the City Manager gave updates on major City projects since her hiring. Usually her reports are on donations and who or what organizations she has met with between meetings.

If some Commissioners are questioning there own choice for City Manager one can understand why. I'm not seeing the "future looking" individual they thought they were hiring


Well, then you just run for commissioner again and set things right, why don't you?


I think the SR needs to stay on Ard until she actually starts showing some progress for the city.


She is only ONE factor in the city. Seems the commissioners are pretty lax. And don't you live in Perkins????


I pointed out in response to another one of your posts that yes I do live in Perkins, though have considered investing in Sandusky. Will not until they get some new commissioners and a city manager.
And as far as posting on something that concerns the city I could be like you and post on every community around here and not do anything to help you great (eyes rolling) city. So wired this is put up or shut up time for you. Become a part of the solution to Sandusky instead of just getting on here and whining.


Oh, Richrs...I do not whine...much unlike you whom I have seen whine continually about everything from Perkins possibly becoming part of Sandusky or vice versa. You are fearful of that as the sunrise coming tomorrow. I can point to that one on here.

I have repeatedly pointed out contingencies that would be "helpful" with the city instead of harmful. No one, however, has taken them up. I have stated more than once, my possible running for city comission in the fall. That is a contingency which I am considering....if there is a commission in the fall. I am also watching closely what happens with the city Manager. There are factors which I SEE happening that others do not.

Do you see that this is all a way to get rid of Ms Ard to make way for an elected city manager....that the elected position did not go through the last time but they are hopeful it will this time. To do that they need to make her "look bad" this time. That the back-stabbing and constant comments of her poor performance must go on and on to do so?

Oh, yes. I was born and raised here. I have lived in a bigger city for five years and have NEVER seen such a poor attitude at this go on...even there. I sat on a commission in a smaller town and even the small town didn't do this to its people. That had a better contingency for working on their town that what Sandusky has. I have repeated said that. This is a mish-mosh. That is why nothing gets done here.

So if I do run, I hope they will make some changes. It doesn't need the city charter to change it. Its procedural in nature. Its common sense.

Yes, I will put up, but not shut up. How about you? Now are you willing to put your MONEY where your mouth is???


Tell you what wired, when you get elected I will gladly invest. I dont see a forward vision with the present administration. Like the majority of Perkins resident we are very happy being the Township South of the city and really don't want to change. My problem With Ms. Ard is I don't see the city moving forward under her. I realize that there is a lot of back channel politics going on, but someone has to step forward and take the reins. I sometimes wonder if a strong mayor form of Gov't would be good for the city. BTW what about the businesses that have closed recently downtown. I never see nothing mentioned on that? Maybe not the commissioners or Managers fault, probably the economy. But still shouldn't somebody try to work on retaining businesses? I thought that was what the SMSA was for. I won't lie I am not very impressed with the current crop of city commissioners. But I guess the old adage time will tell comes into play here. I really am not anti-city, I just get tired of seeing the same old thing.
Tell you what, you run, I'll come to your victory party and give you my plan for investment in the city. I'm always willing to put my money where my mouth is.

I hope this answered some yours too.



OH Wired, since your willing to put up you don't have to shut up. Do a good job and I'll get you your own PA and a soapbox.


LOL, Rich, I had NO intention of shutting up for you or anyone else. But I had every intention of putting up. I don't WHINE either, unless I have cheese and crackers to go with it.


Sandusky's government quagmire does not need outside influences to make it look bad. It's doing a good enough job on its own. You just need to admit it.


Regardless of the job Ard is doing, doesn't this show bias on the SR's part for calling out certain commissioners but not naming others who voted the same way? This seems very unethical.


Your eyes are open wide and you see very well. Good for you.


And what difference does it make be it five or seven commissioners who voted for a deficit budget. The point is that the commissioners did vote for a deficit budget and Ard jumps in at the end of the year to announce she balanced the budget, only after the fact. Announcing it is not a deficit but a "gap" is nuts. The city is flying by the seat of their pants when it comes to the budget and playing with the words. The commissioners need to pay attention to doing their jobs and direct Ard. Ard needs to keep all commissioners informed instead of the four that are keeping her in office.


Did you ever consider that perhaps the two that are not "informed" are not informed for a reason? Think about that one before you answer. I happen to KNOW the answer so think good long and hard before answering me.


Am I missing something? When I read the quote, I assumed the other commissioners voted against it. That was certainly implied. Why would some commissioners be mentioned in the sentence, and others not if they all voted the same way? OK Matt, technically the statement was not inaccurate. You win.


technically it is inaccurate if they all voted for the deficit but not all are listed as voting the same way. Would you not say that that comment is true? If I have seven apples and only say I have five....I am not accurate. I wouldn't say I am acutally lying. Its symantics if I tell you that I was holding two in reserve and failed to mention them because I didn't want you to know I had them. Then my statement is true....according to me. Right?

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It's more akin to you having seven apples, showing someone five of them and saying these five apples are mine. It's not inaccurate at all. Incompleteness is not inaccuracy.

I know, logic is hard.

Swamp Fox

Seems funny when a newspaper creates an article from a letter to the editor. Is the reason this became an article, because it fits the agenda of the newspaper?


It does appear like after the departure of Lee Carter and Annette LaCross the Register has been in the business of thinking they run the city and having open vendettas.

I guess the real question that should have been asked is; Why didn't the Register print the names of all the commissioners that voted for the 2012 budget? What was the point in only tagging a select few with the vote?


That is the reason, I would suggest, that Ms Farrar spoke up and make the comment that she did. Perhaps she and several others on the commission are tired of being made the scapegoats of the community when ALL seven are at fault but only two are being left out of the mix by the SR. I find that a bit odd myself. That is until I thought it through. Then the answer came. Think back to the past articles written by the SR. Who were the two commissioners quoted of late? The ONLY two? Then you will have your answer. Its crystal clear.


I no longer live in Sandusky, and I mourn what it has become. I recall that there was a time when things ran without so much personality culture.