Some plants and trees love this wet weather we have been having. One family of those wet-loving plants is the willows. They are interesting additions to the landscape, but can be a problem if placed too close to foundations and waterlines.
7:37 PM Jun 3, 2014
Have you mulched this spring? Do you plan to?
6:13 AM May 27, 2014
As April leads into May, Ohio should soon be awash in the beauty of flowering trees.
7:53 PM Apr 27, 2014
Meet Marshall Cletis Byles, also known as “Radiator Charlie”
8:54 AM Apr 21, 2014
Spring is here.

5:40 PM Mar 23, 2014
The recent series of warmer days should have melted some snow, but there is still a great deal of melting to go. In the meantime, it is not too early to get ready to start transplants for the garden.
7:46 PM Feb 23, 2014


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