Q. I’ve noticed during my nightly walks through town that many people have brown, dead sections on their bushes and shrubs. How did this happen, and what should be done to the dead spots, if anything?
2:34 PM Aug 25, 2014
Garlic and onion are probably ready in most gardens. Garlic was actually early this year; it was starting to dry down a couple of weeks ago.
5:06 AM Aug 19, 2014
Taking the advice of Let’s Get Growing, Sunday, July 27, I decided to visit the area gardens.
4:44 PM Aug 10, 2014
Sometimes it’s not such a bad idea to take a break from backyard chores by taking a stroll through a botanical garden or an arboretum.
8:48 PM Jul 28, 2014
I recently read an article about stinging nettles, and was so intrigued by the potential health benefits that I decided to do a little more research on the plant.
3:34 PM Jul 21, 2014
By this time of year, gardens generally look good but problems seem to plague certain vegetables. Of all the plants in the garden, people seem to be most concerned about their tomatoes.
5:36 PM Jul 13, 2014
Fewer reptiles command such fear. My middle son Jeff discovered that when he proudly brought a snake into the kitchen to show Mom.
3:39 PM Jul 2, 2014


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