Are you ready to make a difference?

Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 20, 2013


“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” - Calvin Coolidge
• Make a Difference Day is Saturday, Oct. 26. There are many, fun volunteer projects in our area that you can help with. Please call The Volunteer Center to see what kind of difference you could make. All volunteers will be treated to a catered breakfast to start their day.

• Shifts are available at several local gift shops. You can choose one morning or afternoon each week to help.

• A volunteer is needed to do scanning and simple typing on a computer to store records for a local agency.

• Enjoy the outdoors? An agency would like help staining park benches and with their landscaping.

• Toiletries like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and hand sanitizer are needed by an agency that serves senior citizens.

• Empty tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls could be put to good use if you save them for the Volunteer Center. Various agencies also need pull tabs from soda cans, gently used brown paper bags, used ink cartridges and old cell phones.

• After school tutors are needed to help children improve their reading skills and vocabulary.

• Please bring your tired, worn out electronics (anything small with a cord) to be recycled to the Volunteer Center. Call ahead for drop off times. 419-627-0074 Pick-up can be arranged for large amounts.

• Several agencies could use some help with “house cleaning.” Hours are flexible.

• The holidays will soon be here. Individuals are needed to help with gift wrapping and being bell ringers for a local agency. Donations of wrapping paper and bows are also welcomed.

More volunteer opportunities, with specific details, can be found at  , by calling 419-627-0074, or stopping by our office at 300 Central Ave., Sandusky. Lend-a-Hand is written by the staff of The Volunteer Center, a United Way of Erie County partner agency.



Or just do something nice for a neighbor. Why do you need a organization to help you to be nice? Must be a generational thing. As kids we didn't need a group to organize play. We just played with who was available.


Yeah I think people should be making a difference all year long and doing nice things for others more often. Heck, start with being a more considerate and defensive driver.


You got it donut! Said it before here: mow a yard, shovel snow, share extra food. Its that E-z.

Jason Werling

For all of you who do not need anymore volunteering ideas, bravo.

This list could also be for those who have helped every neighbor on their street and are looking for more opportunities.

You are correct, it should be a Make a Difference Year, and for some it is. But the Volunteer Center is a great organization to point good samaritans in the right direction.