3:30 PM Apr 9, 2014
You can stop worrying about the state of the world. I spent the weekend with my sister and her husband. As usual when my sister and I get together, we solve all the world problems.

11:09 AM Apr 3, 2014
I’m not one to look at the world with rose-colored glasses, but neither am I one to wear blinders about the good things happening in downtown Sandusky.
6:35 PM Mar 26, 2014
Does anyone remember that song, “Basketball Jones” written and recorded by Richard Marin and Thomas Chong, better known as Cheech and Chong?
3:33 PM Mar 19, 2014
Life’s all about choices.

When Satanta Vonthron was dealt a blow — a cancer diagnosis — she made the choice to fight it.
12:01 PM Mar 12, 2014
St. Patrick’s Day is just over the horizon.
12:59 PM Mar 5, 2014
Does anyone remember the slogan of the draft dodgers of the ‘60s? Legions of young men shouted “Hell, no, I won’t go” in protest of the war in Vietnam.
6:42 PM Feb 26, 2014
Oh, where; oh, where did my recipe go?
7:52 PM Feb 5, 2014
Sometimes when I sit down to write my column, I can’t think of anything to say. It’s not exactly writer’s block, but more of a who-cares-what-I -think-aboutanything? attitude.
11:14 AM Jan 9, 2014
So, what have you been talking about this week? Let me guess. Mother Nature has unleashed her little lesson to those of us who complain about the weather all the time.
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