The county fair wasn't a big deal to me when I was growing up in Toledo. The Lucas County Fairgrounds was where the Mud Hens played and that was my only experience going to the fairgrounds as a kid.

2:18 PM Sep 24, 2012

Island life on South Bass Island calms down on Mondays, but a Monday on North Bass Island is just like every other day of the week: quiet.

3:32 PM Sep 23, 2012

Zach Kibler isn't your average junior high cross country runner. Not every runner finishes a race with a smiling face and an escort of 20 other runners.

1:28 PM Sep 19, 2012

Just another fun photo found while on the road today, add your own caption in the comments section...

Here's a previous Caption This in case you missed it.

10:37 AM Sep 13, 2012

What were you doing Sunday morning? Were you just getting out of bed, getting ready for church, finding some cartoons for the kids to watch? Or were you running up Cedar Point beach after swimming 2.4 miles, peeling off a wetsuit and getting ready to bike 112 miles and then run 26.2 miles?

11:28 AM Sep 12, 2012

Just a fun photo found while on the road today, add your own caption in the comments section...

10:01 PM Sep 7, 2012

Yes, the Road Trip on Ohio 4 was in June. And yes, it is now September. And yes, I have been pretty busy since then. But here is the update I promised on the two homes on Ohio 4.

4:36 PM Sep 5, 2012

The official bird of the State of Ohio is the cardinal. The official tree of the State of Ohio is the Buckeye. Flower: Red Carnation, mammal: white-tailed deer and gemstone: flint. But do you know what the state’s official native fruit of the State of Ohio is?

1:11 PM Jul 25, 2012

The winners of this year's Fourth of July Photo Contest have been announced.

After voting by viewers at the top vote getter was a National Pride photo of the Opening Day of the Cleveland Indians by Tom Theisen titled Star Spangled Banner with Balloons .

10:29 AM Jul 5, 2012

Voting ends at Midnight.

The Sandusky Register's annual Fourth of July Photo Contest is in its final stage and is available for voting in each category.

There were ties for the top ten in some categories and they will have more entries.

12:02 AM Jul 4, 2012


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