This has to be the easiest Christmas tree I've ever been a part of decorating.

3:28 PM Dec 11, 2012

My kids like to give blood. Let me rephrase that, my kids like me to give blood.

4:02 PM Dec 10, 2012

Walking in a Winter Wonderland was on the radio this morning and as I was singing along, (in my head, not out loud), something made me question the song I've known, or thought I knew, since I was a kid.

8:55 AM Dec 5, 2012

With the Bellevue football team heading to Canton this Saturday for the state football championship game, second graders at Bellevue Elementary gave the team some tips on how to prepare for the big game.

Here's a sampling of their advice...

1:12 PM Nov 29, 2012

Each year, the City of Sandusky chooses ten residential properties and one commercial property for the annual Pride Results in Desirable Environment (P.R.I.D.E.) Awards.

1:27 PM Nov 28, 2012

Late November is my favorite time of year because it means that my favorite holiday is coming up.   

10:35 PM Nov 22, 2012

The color yellow has been associated with cowardice. "What are you, yellow?" is a term I can remember from several cartoons and westerns growing up. But the color yellow at Shawnee Elementary School in Huron couldn't be any more opposite than cowardice. Yellow at Shawnee symbolizes courage.

11:05 AM Nov 19, 2012

I wasn't dizzy from Vertigo and it sure wasn't a shower scene from Psycho, but yesterday looked like a scene straight out of a movie.

10:14 AM Nov 16, 2012

How many trick-or-treats have you been to so far this year? How many more to go?

12:32 PM Nov 1, 2012

Any time a business can remain open for more than 80 years, it might come down to good business sense, a little luck or just plain good people running the show. The latter, and probably a little of the other two, is the case with the Maples Motel on Cleveland Road.

8:00 PM Oct 31, 2012
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