Our family dog is anything but a recluse.

When we adopted her more than seven years ago, she was a former stray at the Central Missouri Humane Society.

Last Friday I took my two sons to say hello to my wife during her lunch. As we were getting out of my car I looked up over downtown Sandusky and saw something I hadn't seen before. A bald eagle was soaring above the shoreline.

There aren't too many television shows that I consider in my "have to watch" list.

I have covered my share of fires while working here at the Register. Some have been homes, some have been cars and boats, and even an occasional scoreboard fire. (See small photo to the right)

I was driving back from assignment in Norwalk a couple weeks ago and came upon a car parked in front of a house. It caught my attention because the nose of the car was much lower than it should have been even if the car was tricked out with lower suspension.

Most people go to Gerold's Old Dutch Tavern for a beer or on a night like tonight, Thursday, a hamburger with some random topping like guacamole or applesauce. I go there for two reasons, eagles and volleyball. And the occasional liquid refreshment.

I promised you updates on the eagles that set up their nest at the Old Dutch Tavern in Perkins Township and one was provided to me without me stepping foot over in that n

A picture is worth a thousand words in this case. This one was forwarded to me by my in-laws who live in Fayette County in western Pennsylvania.

Go "Stool"ers!

I am going to make this short to give you enough time from what you expected to devote to reading this blog to use that time to register as a commenter in the area just below this blog.

I moonlight as a columnist for our monthly FIT magazine. My "Come on, try me" feature started out with me taste testing various reduced-fat meals and reporting on their taste, texture and nutrition facts.

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