Live from Pa, it's Punxsutawney Phil

Jason Werling
Feb 2, 2014


We're in Punxsutawney for the annual Groundhog Day celebration. Phil the Groundhog should be seeing or missing his shadow sometime around dawn.

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predicting the weather by groundhog. another stupid tradition.


Geez... have a little fun!


As accurate as any other method it seems. After this winter I'm surprised they didn't have the secret service guarding him


I don't know what the groundhog saw this morning but I know what I saw and it sure didn't look like spring. lol. My best predictor for spring is that in two weeks the Indians pitchers and catchers will report to spring training and in six week from that will be opening day. Hope springs eternal.


Good old phil. I hope they keep him around forever. Lighten up, unassumer. We need these "stupid traditions" to show there is a lighter side to our lives than just murder and sadness all the time. Some of us enjoy the lighter side of life.


I agree with you. We know there is no Santa Claus at Christmas who comes down chimmneys and visits millions of homes with gifts. Yet there is a Santa Claus in all of us and enjoyment comes in giving as well as receiving. As you say we need these things to get us past the sad things that happen in life. So stupid or not.............I LOVE Groundhog Day !!!

yea right

no matter what..still 6 weeks till spring..


Hopefully Spring will get here! I wonder how 'unseasonable' Spring and Summer will be...


Poor little guy will bite them one day for waking him up, and subjecting him to those harsh artificial lights.. Did ya see the look on Phil's face.. Or maybe he's nursing a hangover like they are.

It's silly but all in good fun, I think the woollybears were right on the money though.