Turn off your television on Thanksgiving

Jason Werling
Nov 26, 2013


This week I was going to write about changes in our commenting section, but I think we talked about that enough last week and there is already an on-going conversation in Matt Westerhold's blog following his column in this past Sunday's paper.

Thank you to everyone who posted suggestions and provided constructive dialogue with last week's blog "What do you want to see at sanduskyregister.com?" We have incorporated a student blog and an investment blog from your suggestions. Changes aren't happening immediately to our comments section, and we will talk more about this in the upcoming months.

Today felt like a good day to talk about shopping and whether or not people should do their shopping on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday is fun. I would volunteer to photograph the long lines and the mass rush through the retail doors each year on the day after Thanksgiving. One year I went out five separate times to photograph and write about the progression of Black Friday shoppers throughout the night and morning.

This year I'm sleeping in.

When I first heard stores were planning on opening up for early shoppers on turkey day I thought "That's horrible, why would they make people work on Thanksgiving? People should stay home and not go to those stores."

And then I thought what I would be doing while 'boycotting' the retail stores, something I do every year after my fill of turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.

I watch football.

A lot of us watch football.

Yes, professional football players make a lot of money and I don't feel so bad they have to work on Thanksgiving. A couple players even win a turkey leg if they are players-of-the-game in their respective contests.

But there are plenty of people who work at the games and don't make millions of dollars. They take tickets, sell beer, operate the cameras, work security and parking lots.

Is anyone 'boycotting' football as they doze off in their tryptophan-induced sleep? I don't plan on it, bring on the turkey bowls.



@ Mr. Werling:

Why are several retailers open on Turkey Day?

1. The Christmas shopping season is short this yr.

2. Many retailers' sales numbers are down and they're fearful that their profits are in trouble.

3. On a personal note: Due to time constraints on family members, we celebrated Thanksgiving last Sun. Nov. 28 will just be another Thurs. to us.

4. After graduating from college, I was in retail mgmt. and worked Thanksgivings. I don't quite understand what the big deal is nowadays.

5. So if Mr. Westerhold told ya to come in on Thanksgiving to work you'd say furgitaboutit?

6. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason Werling


1) As far as I'm concerned, a week is plenty long enough for Christmas shopping. It has gotten way out of hand. And with online shopping available, there are many more sales and purchasing opportunities.

2) I hope people around here shop the big stores, but also take a look at what there is to offer locally.

3) Sunday the 24th? So you have leftovers now? 

4-5) I've worked plenty of Thanksgivings as well and have no problem working them. It is part of the job. And an important part of the job as we usually cover stories about people helping people on Thanksgiving and it gives those volunteers recognition for their work.

6) You have a Happy not-so-Thanksgiving as well. I hope your Sunday dinner was just as good as a Thursday.


Re: "As far as I'm concerned, a week is plenty long enough for Christmas shopping."

Obviously, you are not an officer in a publicly owned retailer who has to answer to stockholders and/or plan for layoffs and closings if ya don't hit your numbers.

Ain't that what makes America great - viva la difference?

3. Leftovers, yes. We cook on the wkends and eat leftovers during the wk.

Thanks for the reply.


If you like your job and it requires you to work on a Holiday, then suck it up and work. Quit complaining about everything that isn't fair in life. Life isn't fair. We have to work with what we have and make ends meet.

This country, what a bunch of complainers.


What complaints?

Dr. Information

Probably referring to the other article about Thanksgiving and working during it.


People who have to work on thanksgiving need to be thankful they have a job to go to because many do not, so look on the positive side.


I prefer to give thanks every day and am thankful that I am not working. For those who feel the need to shop till they drop, more power to them and I hope they don't get run over by a reindeer.